Dash is a sponsor of the upcoming Texas Bitcoin Conference, with Dash Force securing a speaking slot.

Held October 28-29 in Austin, Texas, the Texas Bitcoin Conference will draw dozens of speakers and a host of attendees from around the cryptocurrency world. The event is co-organized by the Crypto Show, a cryptocurrency-related radio show and longtime Dash network partner. Additionally, Dash itself is a silver-level sponsor (with a proposal submitted for treasury funding that is in passing at present), and will have a table present, as well as two Dash ATMs.

According to Danny Sessoms, co-host of the Crypto Show and an organizer of the conference, he is excited about the Dash sponsorship, particularly on the presence of the Dash ATMs:

“I don’t think anyone else is going to have two Dash ATMs on site. In fact I believe we’re the only ones that will have ATMs. Through our silver sponsorship I was able to get table number 17 which is right next to the entrance of the A conference room so we have great positioning.”

Dash Force will be speaking at the conference, many Dash community members to be present

Among a strong lineup of speakers at the conference, Dash will be represented by Dash Force’s own Joël Valenzuela, who will be speaking on “The Digital Cash Revolution No One Is Talking About,” emphasizing Dash’s grassroots growth around the world as a peer-to-peer digital cash. In addition, Ian Freeman and Mark Edge from Free Talk Live (longtime Dash advocates and sponsored by the network), will be speaking. Freeman, Edge, and Valenzuela will also be on a media panel.

Additionally, according to Sessoms, the Dash community will be well-represented, with numerous members of the community and team present, including former Dash: Detailed host Amanda B. Johnson:

“Multiple members of the Dash community will be on hand to pitch in presence at the booth, including myself, Amanda B. Johnson, Philadashia, [Joël Valenzuela], Harlan and Chris.”

Dash Force to also speak at an upcoming conference in Vienna

This is the second of three speaking engagements by Dash Force on Dash’s behalf scheduled this year. The third will take place at the Vienna Regional Conference of the European Students for Liberty in early November. Two days prior to the conference, a Dash delegation will be holding a meetup at the House of Nakamoto in Vienna, which recent got funded by the treasury to accept Dash.

Dash Force also sponsored the Freecoast Festival last month, which included a speaking slot.