Dash has funded a sponsorship of the Moontec blockchain conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

Dubbed “the largest conference in Northern Europe, devoted to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and its implementation in various industries,” the Moontec17 conference is a two-day event that will be held in Estonia’s capital the beginning of December. A proposal was successfully submitted to include Dash as a general partner and prime sponsor.

According to Keiu Tammis, one of the sponsorship’s organizers, Dash community and self-governance drew their attention to the project:

“Dash is some of the few projects built on self-governance and allowing people to be part of the project development through proposal system. For us this project appealed as an opportunity to finally be creative while using our knowledge and have something “real” done. For a time, we’ve had conversations about “how things could be if the community can decide how they would like their surroundings to be.” Community here can even be a small number of people, it’s more about the idea that we can, as a collective, take decisions that affect our wellbeing, to cut out institutions and have freedom and privacy at the same time.”

A good opportunity to spread Dash in a scene with rapidly growing interest in cryptocurrencies

The Moontec sponsorship presents an opportunity to spread knowledge of Dash in a tech-savvy country where interest is spiking. According to Tammis, the price increase in Bitcoin piqued the attention of many:

“With the crazy race that Bitcoin has had this year, people are curious to learn more about the opportunities that cryptocurrencies have, but this has been our personal observation. First question usually is where exactly to invest to make fast money? There are multiple online groups that exchange info about the market and other general info, but very little or no talk about cryptocurrencies as a community. We all have very large circle of friends and during the last half of the year we have heard people talking about crypto a lot. Even from the friends we never thought would have interest in crypto.”

While the attention drawn from the increase in the value of cryptocurrencies has grown, Tammis sees a knowledge gap with what Dash can offer in terms of a better payment solution, something that the conference sponsorship can seek to address:

“The terms “wallet” and “receive instant transaction” are not common, thus the knowledge about the opportunities Dash provides has been little. We have been keen to talk about, and give an alternatives for, a fast and secure payment solution among friends and acquaintances when having dinner, paying for all sorts of event tickets or fixing cars breaks for instance.”

Dash conference sponsorships across Europe

A series of Dash presentations have both taken place and are scheduled to take place across Europe. Dash recently integrated into the House of Nakamoto, which included a presentation to about 40 people. Dash was also the sponsor of Fintech Week in Hamburg, and Dash Force presented at the regional Vienna conference for the European Students for Liberty. Finally, following successful past meetups, Dash sponsored the Belgrade Venture Forum in Serbia.