Dash has sponsored HardFork, a blockchain-based thriller series.

Dubbed a “crypto-noir thriller set in a near future world where decentralized factions work to overthrow their society’s centralize regime,” HardFork is a blockchain-centered science fiction series. This series plans on exhibiting top-notch production values to create an enjoyable show to popularize blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with the general public. A proof-of-concept teaser trailer was produced for the Dash community prior to the proposal’s submission.

According to director Doug Karr, interest in Dash’s proposal system sparked a deeper investigation into Dash, which ultimately led to giving the proposal process a shot:

“We knew from the very first days when we started developing the HardFork Series that Dash had this amazing proposal process since we knew of other people who were putting up their own project proposals. Initially, we talked a lot about doing a proposal to produce the teaser trailer many months back. We ultimately decided against it because we felt that we could produce it on our own without any real backing in order to show a proof a concept that stood on its own feet.”

The Dash DAO as one of few outlets for being paid straight from a blockchain

Outside of mining and running incentivized nodes such as masternodes or staking in proof-of-stake coins, Dash’s treasury system is one of the few solutions for those seeking to get paid directly from a blockchain, rather than working for an organization that holds cryptocurrency to pay employees and contractors. Karr was familiar with projects such as Steem, which allows contributors to self-fund, but was nonetheless impressed with Dash’s ability to run a decentralized autonomous organization, and the possibilities that opens up for future projects:

“With the HardFork Series, this is a huge overriding passion project that we’re thrilled to be able to create. The fact that we can finance it through a sponsorship proposal like the one that just passed makes it all the sweeter. Being part of the Dash community itself has immense value. In a sense, it’s a self-sustaining engine. The DAO behind us is a motor that will help propel the project, and in turn the project will help propel the entire community. That’s what’s so amazing about the blockchain and decentralized projects. It’s an entirely new paradigm with so many possibilities that have yet to be realized.”

HardFork producer and actor Naomi Brockwell was similarly familiar with blockchain-based funding methods, but was especially impressed with Dash’s community:

“I use Steemit, and that first exposed me to crypto fundraising, but this experience was unique in that we had a target that was hit or miss. The best part was engaging with the community online. Jason King was correct when he told me that the Dash community is second to none, and I feel so fortunate to now be a part of that. I’m most excited about digging in deeper and learning more about other Dash-funded projects and about the community itself.”

Dash’s proposal process proved an intense learning experience

While the sponsorship represents opportunity for both the HardFork team and Dash, the proposal process was not all smooth sailing. Up until the very last minute, the proposal appeared that it was not going to pass. Karr detailed the whole experience from start to finish:

“I think if we went into the proposal process simply wanting money and not wanting to learn about decentralized governance it would have been a world of pain. There’s no denying the fact that the proposal process manifests as a gauntlet, and, at first, that was daunting. It was very unclear what the best way to plug into the community was. Through the forum? Discord? The proposal page on Dash Central itself? Luckily, as we were struggling and accumulating more no votes than yes, we were fortunate to meet a few amazing Dash community guides who helped mentor us in the right directions. As we proceeded, our efforts began to pay dividends.

Our continued engagement through intro videos, content, and interacting on the various portals began to bring new fans to the process who helped guide us further. When we started doing interviews and a YouTube Live AMA it really felt like we were gaining some momentum and galvanizing excitement around the project. It’s kind of a mind-blowing, organic process, and what we started to learn is that even the masternode owners who are being the hardest on you, deep down just want you to rise to the occasion. Which I feel very proud of the fact that we ultimately did.

In the last few crucial hours we nearly had it… then clearly didn’t… and finally garnered 8 positive votes minutes before the bell; it was electrifying, dizzying, crushing and ultimately life changing. In retrospect, I wouldn’t change a thing.”