Dash has sponsored two additional events in Serbia, the Belgrade Venture Forum and the Smart City Challenge, to expand its reach in the local IT sector.

A recent proposal was passed to have Dash sponsor both events, including booths and materials, as well as continued meetups in the region. Dash Serbia organizer Nebojsa Jovic seeks to expand Dash’s awareness outside of the dedicated meetups that have been held so far:

“After a first successful event and meeting with Đorđe [ĐorĐević], who, after organizing blockchain events, showed great interest in Dash, we wanted to use the opportunity of the Belgrade Venture Forum and Smart City Challenge to introduce Dash to wider audience outside of our dedicated meetups.

Starting with the Belgrade Venture Forum in November, after coming back from [the European Students for Liberty conference in] Vienna we are planning to teach attendees what is the Blockchain in general, Dash and all its features and potential use cases.”

The Smart City Challenge to provide a Dash prize to contestants

The next part of the proposal is a sponsorship of the Smart City Challenge, an accelerator for startup ideas and initiatives. As part of the sponsorship, a prize pool of 20 Dash is allocated for winners, which Jovic sees as a great way to get contestants interested in Dash:

“With Smart City Challenge, we wanted to introduce Dash to yet again a different audience and in a different way. Beside providing prize pool for winning startups, the goal of that, lets say, “stunt” is to get people intrigued about Dash, startups, developers, consumers and see where we can push Dash first and how.”

These two events, in conjunction with continued regular meetups, will allow Jovic to correctly gauge the direction of further Dash promotions in the region:

“It is still early to say a part of people who are already involved somehow in blockchain and cryptocurriencies. I want to use these sponsorship opportunities to explore two different events with similar, but not the same audience group and see which kind of audience show more interest into Dash. That way, it will be easier for me to determine what subject should be on next Dash meetups and activities here.

I still explore focus groups, and general interests. I might say that after these events, and two more Dash meetups, I will have more accurate numbers about awareness and interests in Dash.”

Dash Serbia’s strong start

Dash’s growth in the local Serbian tech scene has seen significant gains this year. Early last month, a proposal to fund outreach into the Serbian IT sector was passed. The first of such events gained significant interest and was over capacity, leading to further efforts to expand Dash’s presence in the region.