The Dash network has funded a sponsorship of Fintech Week in Hamburg, as well as a full integration into the House of Nakamoto in Vienna.

Fintech Week is a several day seminar in Hamburg, Germany dedicated to education and exposure to financial technology, including digital currencies and blockchain technology. The proposal to fund Dash’s presence at the conference passed overwhelmingly, 701-30. According to the proposal owner, Jan Heinrich Meyer, most of Fintech Week’s attendees are familiar with cryptocurrencies, but not necessarily Dash:

“I think most of them are aware of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain technology in general, but not about the possibilities Dash has to offer as true digital cash and for their businesses.”

Dash Core member Holger Schinzel will also be in attendance and be particpating in a Q & A event, and will also include Startup Weekend, a weekend event dedicated to testing startup ideas. Dash is already listed as a main sponsor of the event. Meyer believes the event will help introduce Dash into the European fintech scene, as well as get a foothold in the media covering the field, which so far has mainly covered other projects:

“The attendees are working on solutions for the future of the financial industry. They are all driven by innovation and technology, so being part of the Fintech Week, and especially the Fintech Startup Weekend, is a perfect opportunity to build up trust for Dash in the growing fintech industry in Germany and maybe even get integrated in future fintech projects. Another goal we are targeting is getting in contact with the media partners of both events, because they are talking about Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA, but not about Dash so far.”

House of Nakamoto integration to increase awareness of Dash locally

Also submitted by Meyer is a proposal (also passed overwhelmingly, 989 to 41) to integrate Dash into the House of Nakamoto, a Vienna-based physical store and point of education dedicated to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The integration will allow Dash to be used as a payment option at the store, will include a Dash ATM, and will include Dash education by employees of the store, including a showcase in the store window. Meyer sees this as a way for Dash to stand out among digital currencies:

“The House of Nakamoto is the first address to go to if you have questions regarding Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and don’t want to browse the web for the answers. It was a big win for the presence of Bitcoin in the analog world and increased trust for the project by giving regular people kind of a service point they can rely on as online articles never would do. The integration of Dash in this trusted place will separate Dash from other currencies, build up trust for digital cash, and educate people about the advantages Dash has to offer.”

On the 9th of November there will be a Dash meetup at the House of Nakamoto herald the integration

Dash Force to speak at the European Students for Liberty conference in Vienna

Immediately after the House of Nakamoto meetup, Dash Force will be present at the regional European Students for Liberty conference in Vienna. This will include a speaking slot and a Dash giveaway, and provide an opportunity to reach students about the potential of digital currency.