Video re-post of episode 82 of the Dash News three amigos podcast. This weeks special guest was Ryan Taylor Dash Core Group CEO.

The 3 amigos podcast takes place every Friday at 3pm EST / 8pm UTC.

⏱ Video TimeStamps:
🚩 1:10 Is Dash Core Group sustainable?
🚩 7:42 Is this time for DAsh’s DAO to shine?
🚩 11:00 Thoughts on Dash adoption for 2018?
🚩 13:22 Thoughts on ICO situation & state of crypto related businesses?
🚩 14:24 What is the current status of the SEC no-action letter?
🚩 17:18 What’s the latest with Dash roadmap?
🚩 19:28 Do we have a launch date for Dash Evolution?
🚩 20:26 Development progress and updates from Github
🚩 21:33 What were the top errors in 2018 by yourself or DCG & how did you fix them?
🚩 26:20 Do Dash Core prioritize decentralization over their own long-term job prospects?
🚩 27:51 How do we keep Dash Core Group accountable?
🚩 30:23 What words of encouragement would you say for the Dash investors that in spite of this brutal bear market still believe in the project?
🚩 37:10 Dash’s use-case for traders on exchanges utilizing InstantSend for arbitrage.
🚩 39:22 Has Dash Core Group engaged with Coinbase?
🚩 45:30 What’s the latest on Dash website redesign?
🚩 46:27 What are Wachsman and DCG doing to improve Dash’s perception in the greater cryptocurrency community?
🚩 51:04 Can you give your thoughts on the instamine issue?
🚩 54:19 Thoughts on wealth distribution?
🚩 1:02:08 Addressing FUD & quote from Charlie Lee
🚩 1:06:15 Thoughts on interest-bearing saving accounts for Dash Evo?
🚩 1:13:50 Can we have an update on Dash Ventures?
🚩 1:19:29 How much communication do you have with Evan?
🚩 1:21:58 Reflecting on this time last year and how Dash has evolved in 2018

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