Video re-post of the Dash News Podcast episode 138. This week Mark and Joel discuss the recent news of Dash receiving highest score from the Crypto Rating Council and also thoughts behind Dash’s recent upward price movements.

⏱️ Podcast Video Timestamps:

  • 1:27 This week’s price action
  • 2:00 Possible cause(s)
  • 6:12 BSV
  • 10:27 How higher price affects Dash’s treasury and DIF
  • 12:21 DIF as Dash’s Central Bank
  • 13:28 Crypto Rating Council awards Dash top marks
  • 15:44 Non-mineable coins
  • 18:45 Scores of the Crypto Rating Council and their meaning, also for various other projects
  • 25:12 Thoughts on future Dash price and project?
  • 36:15 Dash usernames
  • 42:04 Trustless user staking/MN shares
  • 53:00 Has Dash’s price impacted Dash Core Group development?
  • 58:00 Sunday, Jan 19th Dash will be 6 years old. How to celebrate Dash’s achievements?

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