Video re-post of the Dash News Podcast episode 134. This week we had special guest Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, to answer community questions about network developments and potential network changes.

⏱️ Podcast Video Timestamps:

  • 1:45 Welcome Ryan
  • 3:35 Splitting up the DCG proposal
  • 6:32 Plans for EVO launch event
  • 13:13 Biggest misconceptions from your presentation
  • 14:08 – 1st Other volatility sources
  • 16:44 – 2nd the system isn’t static
  • 19:50 – 3rd percentages vs absolute values
  • 21:18 – No cutting MN rewards
  • 22:20 Why no product demo’s at the open house
  • 24:34 How do you explain PIVX poor performance
  • 26:41 More feedback on what Shift is doing
  • 28:28 What is being done to promote Dash platform
  • 31:35 Is DCG presentation of EVO a possible reason for poor price performance
  • 35:08 Can we outsource Dash’s presentation events
  • 38:10 Would you be open to outsourcing to other groups
  • 39:39 Why didn’t you do the dash-onomics in a separate event
  • 42:24 Volatility what is it, what causes it, how is it measured
  • 48:20 The treasury is also diluting the value
  • 51:30 Would DCG consider additional funding proposal if price stays low
  • 54:44 Who starts the chain of invites for a DashPay wallet
  • 57:14 Would you be able to stake the coins locked in a MN
  • 1:02:40 Is PoW to PoS possible in an efficient way
  • 1:05:52 Why doesn’t Dash leverage the Alt36 implementation
  • 1:10:55 Is DCG working with Coinbase on options they provide (earn, staking and commerce)
  • 1:13:32 Effects of increasing fees to roughly 1 cent
  • 1:17:30 Is the Chinese market big enough for DCG to attend to
  • 1:20:28 Is changing the emission schedule also on the table
  • 1:25:35 Will staking cause less circulating supply/liquidity
  • 1:29:20 Is Ryan happy with BusDev (Remittances, Cannabis, Gaming, Trading)
  • 1:36:45 Collaboration/networking DCG with Marketing, media and PR
  • 1:40:05 Centralization to exchanges with PoS
  • 1:45:45 Trustless MN shares (with voting)
  • 1:52:00 Mark’s closing words (Dash economics, thanks to all, new video setup, podcast stats)
  • 1:55:22 Ryan’s closing words
  • 1:56:18 Joel’s closing words (partly in French)
  • 1:58:40 End the FED arcade game

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