Video re-post of the Dash News Podcast episode 131. This week we had special guest Heidi Chakos aka Crypto Tips on the podcast to discuss all things crypto.

⏱️ Podcast Video Timestamps:

  • 00:03 Marks weekly “Hello!!!”
  • 00:29 Introducing Heidi Chakos
  • 00:56 The Price first…
  • 01:24 Heidi not affected by price action
  • 02:34 Still dollar-cost-averaging in
  • 04:32 How did you get involved in the cryptocurrency space
  • 09:25 What happened to Steemit
  • 14:41 The Reddit brigade
  • 16:36 Being nomadic and 2nd citizenship (St Kitts)
  • 20:01 Tax laws in Portugal
  • 23:05 Heidi the anti-AML/KYC privacy advocate
  • 25:40 What do you (Heidi) recommend people to do
  • 27:43 How risk-averse are you/would you disclose what coins you’re holding
  • 31:26 Why are you doing
  • 33:44 You’re a crypto maximalist?
  • 35:13 Maximalism becoming more rabid
  • 39:27 Are you selling your Dash for BTC?
  • 40:08 Do you think since you’ve been doing the Dash News recap videos that you’ve been exposed to more information and insight about Dash
  • 46:18 Is Heidi concerned about the new Youtube terms & conditions
  • 49:03 Where are you sharing your content
  • 52:01 The grand plan with
  • 53:20 Does Heidi use fiat or is she unbanked
  • 55:14 How often does Heidi spend crypto to buy stuff (hodler or spender)
  • 57:08 Do you have a message to your followers (concerning price action)
  • 59:17 What do you think is gonna wake up the market (usability vs speculation)
  • 61:06 When is this market gonna start valuing cryptocurrencies on utility
  • 62:38 Are you happy with BTC just being a store of value
  • 64:30 Different usernames on different platforms
  • 65:24 Do you think people have to be careful when following certain YouTubers and personalities
  • 67:02 Why do you never mention Dash in your tweets?
  • 68:41 Are there any projects now that really interest you?
  • 70:15 (Heidi says the M-word and mentions the purple dragon as well)
  • 74:13 “The market price cycle is not the protocol development cycle”
  • 75:05 What do you look for in crypto projects?
  • 77:07 Mark wrapping it up
  • 77:26 anything I missed?
  • 79:01 Joel takes us out/after-party
  • 80:45 The Stay-Dashy End

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