On 19th April in Moscow, Russia the Digital October Center opened its doors to guests and visitors from all over the world.

Among them, there were blockchain investors, cryptocurrency traders, blockhain application developers, manufacturers of special equipment for cryptocurrency mining, cryptocurrency ATM manufacturers, representatives of the Russian state, etc.

Alexey Gusev, (Alex-ru, Russian outreach and coordinator for Dash) helped to organize an after party event open to invited conference attendees at the Cryptobar Garage Lounge. This was done in collaboration with MARSE (Russian cryptocurrency offline exchange) and Predprocessing (cryptocurrency self-service payment kiosks and software producer).

Alex informed me that the Dash after-party event was a great success that enabled investors, crypto enthusiasts and business partners to openly communicate and network.

Alex was particularly impressed with Predprocessing that manufacture self-service payment kiosks and ATMs as they showcased a solution at conference (watch video above) with integrated Dash support. Predprocessing also indicated they would like to implement Dash InstantSend in the near future. Dash InstantSend is a feature that enables secure instant transactions and eliminates the problem of “double spending” which Bitcoin has fallen victim in the past due to having slow confirmation times.