The Dash network includes more total nodes than Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, and Dogecoin combined.

Blockchain analytics platform BlockChair recently added full Dash support, including a Dash node explorer, facilitating evaluation of the network and comparing data against other cryptocurrencies. According to data from BlockChair at time of writing, the Dash network is comprised of 4,383 reachable nodes. This stands in contrast with the closest competitor, Litecoin, which ranks in at less than half with 1,830 reachable nodes. Third is Bitcoin Cash with 1,473 followed by Dogecoin with 514 reachable nodes. Bitcoin SV ranked the lowest with only 383 reachable nodes. The combined number of nodes of these four networks equals fewer total nodes as those reachable on the Dash network alone. Bitcoin, as the industry leader and originator, ranked in higher at 9,205 reachable nodes.

It should be noted that the data collected by BlockChair may not be complete, as there seems to be a data discrepancy between the total number of reachable Dash nodes (which includes masternodes and regular full nodes), 4,383, and the current masternode count of 4,710. This may be due to the workings of Bitnodes, which is used by BlockChair to estimate reachable nodes.

Dash’s incentivized network strengthens performance and security beyond what size and market cap implies

Thanks to the incentivization of masternodes, the Dash network is able to field more, and more robust, nodes than nearly every other coin except for the very top, despite discrepancies in age, market capitalization, and industry recognition. Because masternodes are incentivized by receiving a portion of Dash’s block reward, operators are able to maintain a strong network without either altruistic or ulterior financial motives beyond maintaining a smooth running network.

Masternodes are also incentivized to maintain peak performance. As part of the version 0.14 implementation, masternodes are now scored based on the robustness of the service they provide the network, with underperforming nodes excluded. Newly implemented standards recently knocked several hundred nodes offline, with over 95% of the network still remaining online and up to the new standards.

Building a next-generation cryptocurrency network for payments

Dash’s robust and incentivized network allows for benefits not available to traditionally-structured proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, enabling it to serve as a faster and more secure form of payments. Thanks to the masternode network, nearly every Dash transaction is instantly confirmed thanks to recently-implemented InstantSend by default, settling transactions in real time while other popular cryptocurrencies and credit cards may take minutes, hours, or days to settle permanently. Additionally, the masternode network has enabled ChainLocks, immunity against 51% mining attacks, rendering Dash transactions both rapid as well as extremely secure.