Dash outreach in Nigeria has expanded to include a second team and several planned upcoming meetups.

As part of a greater trend to bring Dash adoption across Africa, outreach in Nigeria has grown to include a second team, which recently presented at the Abuja Blockchain Summit in Lagos. According to outreach lead Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal, the presentation and outreach were a resounding success:

“We shut down the annual Nigeria blockchain conference in Nigeria. Most people don’t know about Dash and the ones that have heard did not know about the potential. We were given 15 minutes to talk, but they just had to make it 45 minutes because we made sure Dash became the king in the event.”

Nathaniel Luz, head of previously documented outreach events elsewhere in the country, learning about Dash has caused a spark for financial freedom in the Nigerian people:

“Yes. Dash Outreach is growing in Nigeria especially amongst the youth. We’ve witnessed those who were once participants at Dash events now going out to teach others. The major drive for the Dash Ambassadors in Nigeria is passion. We’re passionate about liberating ourselves and country from decades of financial poverty, while ending the high-handedness of the banking sector.”

Past and upcoming Dash outreach to the Nigerian military

Recently, Micheal held a Dash meetup targeted at military personnel, with 38 in attendance, and now seeks to hold a Dash conference next month to reach 150 members of the Nigerian military about cryptocurrency. He believes that soldiers are a prime target that can particularly benefit from using Dash:

“Well, I know they will need Dash more because of the fact that they have no access most time to fiat when they move from their country, secondly they do not need to convert from Niara to dollars or any other currency to be able to make transactions outside of Nigeria. Thridly, most of the time I go to the bank and see them stay on queue for a very long time before they can make withdrawal or deposit and most time they don’t still get access to their money because of the bank networks and a lot. We intend creating a Dash Nigeria website that offers sales of electronic top ups for mobile phone and that to will help them when they are around place where they cannot purchase Airtime.

We also see them as prospective investors to the Dash shares, masternodes and also of great benefit to the meetups and Dash clubs in Nigeria in terms of security.
They also can easily send money to their love ones with ease while on peace keeping missions using the instant send feature of Dash.”

Cryptocurrency turmoil positions Dash to take the adoption lead

Recent drama in the cryptospace has made more traditionally-advocated options less appealing for wide adoption as a digital currency. Bitcoin has experienced a series of chain splits, as well as network congestion caused by both a limited 1mb block size and a struggle over hashrate with Bitcoin Cash, resulting in average transaction fees well over $10. Dash, meanwhile, maintains low fees, set to drop to the sub-cent level after the current 12.2.1 update is fully activated, and has largely avoided the drama and uncertainty of the Bitcoin world.

At present, nearly 500 businesses worldwide are listed as accepting Dash payments. The wide release of the first stages of the Evolution platform next summer may also provide an adoption boost for Dash as it becomes the easiest cryptocurrency to use for the non-technical.