Dash Core Hires CTO

The Dash Core Group has hired Bob Carroll as their new Chief Technical Officer. Bob, as the new CTO, brings over two decades of experience in the database systems and technical management fields. Mr. Carroll adds to the growing list of strong Dash Core managers including Glenn Austin, the CFO, who has over two decades of experience from the finance sector, including UBS, Morgan Stanley, and CitiGroup. Then Business Development head, Brad Zastrow, has 17+ years of experience from the old payments world, including American Express.

Dash Core Updates Proposal Escrow Guidelines

In order to scale and handle a growing list of requests, the Dash Core Group has updated its escrow service guidelines. The DCG wants ensure they maximize reward and minimize risk for themselves and the network. First, the DCG will limit Milestone 0 payouts to 10% or $25,000 USD, whichever is greater. Second, the DCG limits maximum project funding to three months and a budget request of $500,000 USD with a maximum fiat exchange guarantee of $100,000 USD per month. Third, requests must be made 2 weeks or more before the requested voting cycle voting deadline. Forth, an escrow requester must pre-pay a fee in Dash equivalent to $4,000 USD to pay for legal expenses and ensure that a competitive escrow market can emerge. Fifth, the DCG can turn down requests that they deem to have too much risks.

A competitive free market in escrow services has begun to emerged within the Dash ecosystem rather than a protocol update. This allows testing of different methods without risking a harmful change to the Dash protocol. Some of the other escrow providers include an invitation-only program by Dash Force, Green Candle, Instant Karma Fund, the DEMO Incubator, and Dash Africa Escrow.

Dash Treasury Reprioritizes and Increases Efficiency Due to Funding Limits

Since the December 2017 price highs, the Dash Treasury decreased from around $10 million USD to around $2 million USD available each month. This forced masternodes and the Dash community to refocus on the most efficient uses of treasury money. To comply with this task, the community has funded Dash Watch to track all past proposals and catalog their progress. Dash Force News also provides occasional in-depth investigative reports when necessary.

Other forms of increasing efficiency of the treasury includes DashBoost to be a micro-treasury for smaller projects and the Dash escrow services to ensure proper use of funds. More improvements are on the way to better incentivize all parties, including Dash Ventures to allow the Dash masternode network to legally own a stake in companies that it funds and deterministic masternode lists to split masternode keys into three separate keys, one of which is a voting key.

Dash and Cryptocurrency Making New Integrations

Dash has been adopted at a gas station in Jundiai, Brazil, which is not too far outside São Paulo. Drivers in the area are loving the ability to use Dash and the gas station actually switched from Bitcoin to Dash because of Bitcoin’s history with high fees and long confirmation times. Rewards.com integrates Dash to allow consumers to be rewarded in Dash when they shop at 7000+ merchants like Walmart, Nike, Lowes, Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Game Stop, and more. Brisbane International Airport in Australia is making history by becoming the first airport to fully integrate all merchants in the airport with cryptocurrencies, including Dash. The former NBA commissioner has come out of retirement to back a cryptocurrency project aimed at increasing immersive experiences for sports fans.

The Dash Embassy D-A-CH has convinced CONDA, an Austrian crowdfunding platform, to use Dash on their platform. This will not only expose Dash to countless new individuals looking to invest in startups in Europe, but will also give Dash the opportunity to integrate into the platforms of many new and innovative startups.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Debate Privacy Issues, While Dash Supplies Privacy Services.

The Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash reddit communities have recently been debating how best to provide privacy features to consumers while maintaining the cryptocurrency’s network and not drawing too much attention from regulators. Rifts are already beginning to form, which elicits memories of the blocksize increase debates. While they debate, Dash has provided privacy features for years and continues to do so through its PrivateSend attribute. Since the feature is optional, it allows Dash to scale and keep regulators at bay because all transactions are still visable on the public blockchain.

Potential Regulations Put Dash in a Positively Unique Position

The United States Security and Exchange Commission’s Chairman, Jay Clayton, clarified their stance on ICOs and cryptocurrencies by stating their is a clear difference between the two in terms of a regulated security. However, he did not take the time to say which cryptocurrencies he considers a security and which he does not. His statements put Dash in a positively unique position since Dash is able to be a currency that consumers use to purchase goods and services, but also able to fund projects through its treasury without falling into the definition of a regulated security that Clayton discussed.

New York state is considering launching a Cryptocurrency Task Force to study cryptocurrencies and their effects on New York. Some of the questions highlight the lack of knowledge of regulators, while other questions are redundant since the cryptocurrency community is already answering them and seeking out solutions. Dash is beating regulators to their goal of consumer protection by creating numerous business and development structures to ensure that consumers receive some of the best possible services.

Dash Force Meetup Winners

The winners for the May Dash Force meetups were announced. The team had 122 new Dash wallets setup across 11 meetups in Central America, South America, and Africa. The Dash Force meetups were also added to meetup.com and facebook. Head on over to the article to see who won!

Dash Force News Three Amigos Podcast: Episode 55 with Special Guest Ian Freeman

Ian is the host of Free Talk Live, a widely distributed American call-in radio show, and he joins the Dash Force News team to discuss his recent Dash evangelism and thoughts on Dash in relation to the cryptocurrency space.