Ben Swann on the importance of decentralization in news media

Award-winning journalist Ben Swann appeared on RT News this week to talk about news media and independent journalism. The last half of the segment was dedicated to Dash and its role in funding his new show Reality Check. Swann showed enthusiastic support for Dash and its ability to support independent journalists through the DAO treasury, and explained how this type of funding helps journalists maintain the ability to speak truth and and to be critical of conventional power structures.

RocketPay to bring Dash to Southeast Asia

RocketPay is a new cryptocurrency payment processing platform that is being maintained and developed by Rocket Integration Integration Technology, a company which was founded in 2014. Amzar Mat Aroh, director of Rocket Integration Technology explains the decision to choose Dash over Bitcoin and Ethereum as coming down to superior protocol features (Instant/PrivateSend) and governance system. This platform was funded by a treasury proposal as a way to make Dash more accessible in many underserved areas of Southeast Asia.

Dash featured at Blockchain Conference Saint Petersburg 2018

The Blockchain Conference St. Petersburg is an annual event where blockchain enthusiasts and companies of all types meet to discuss and present the latest news and products. Dash had a significant presence at this conference thanks to The Territory of DASH, a Dash funded program that is aimed at bringing Dash awareness to Belarus and the surrounding territories. The team handed out promotional Dash products and also reported many positive interactions with conference attendees about the technology behind Dash and its use as a payment system.

Dash Force 3 Amigos Weekly Podcast feat. Chael Sonnen

This week’s DFN podcast featured the three amigos plus a special guest, Chael Sonnen. Sonnen is a well known MMA fighter and ESPN contributor that has recently become involved in cryptocurrency and the Dash community. He is currently attempting to bring Dash advertisements into the professional fighting scene by raising funding through a Dash treasury proposal. If funded, Dash advertising would be featured on media across the country. This exposure would likely result in a very positive boost for Dash’s mainstream visibility.