Dash added to GODEX.io and Paybear

Dash has continued its adoption run in 2018 by recently arriving on the crypto exchange GODEX.io. This exchange allows users to instantly exchange a wide variety of cryptos for a small fee through a clean user interface. Dash was also integrated into Paybear, a cryptocurrency payment provider that helps small businesses integrate crypto payments for a small fee. Both of these new integrations will serve to boost Dash’s accessibility to the general public.

Masternode count hits all time high

The number of masternodes participating in the Dash network has been steadily climbing since early 2015, and has been at all time highs for most of this week. The number currently sits at 4728, and is expected to climb higher due to the widespread adoption that Dash is enjoying and the recovery of the crypto markets.

Liberty Forum 2018 becomes Dash exclusive

Due to rising Bitcoin fees and a sponsorship funded by a Dash proposal, the 2018 New Hampshire Liberty Forum dropped Bitcoin in favor of Dash for its ticket sales. Joel Valenzuela, Ian Marshall, Darren Tapp and Albert Arellanes were in attendance at this forum and were featured in multiple panels and presentations designed to educate the public about Dash. Dash was also reported to be the most preferred payment method among vendors in attendance.

FanDuel launching NBA contest with Dash payouts

Daily fantasy sports company FanDuel is hosting a Crypto Cup that begins on Feb. 22. Instead of cash payouts, FanDuel has said that they will pay a certain number of Dash to the winners of this event. FanDuel’s use of Dash as a payment method could help spur widespread adoption, as many FanDuel players will likely acquire a Dash wallet in order to be able to receive their potential payouts. FanDuel CFO stated that their first “cryptocurrency contest was a new experience and well-received by our users, so we wanted to continue to offer this unique prizing option.”