New Integrations Announced

It was an exciting week for Dash, with news from the quarterly earnings call and also from a variety of marketing pushes across the globe.

One of the high-profile partnerships that was made this week was Dash’s new integration with Bitrefill. This company is a  payment processor that allows customers to fund their prepaid mobile accounts with variety of different cryptocurrencies. This week, they decided to start accepting Dash, citing low fees and fast confirmation times as the reason behind this move. Bitrefill is also currently offering their products at a 10% discount if paid for with Dash.

Other notable new partnerships were announced as the result of two proposals that went successfully passed through Dash’s governance system. The first proposal wanted funds to start a new Dash exchange in Venezuela called Colibit. This project will attempt to make Dash much more accessible to the general public.

Another proposal of interest that recently passed was one that seeks to integrate Dash with the UK’s biggest PoS provider, NOBLY. With their support, it is likely that Dash will be accepted at 50+ merchants in the UK in just a few months. This move will go a long way to increasing the ease in which UK businesses can begin to accept Dash as a form of payment, which will ideally lead to widespread adoption in the next couple of years.

Quarterly Report Highlights

The Dash Core team also put out their Q4 quarterly report summary on YouTube this Friday. This report was over 2 hours long, and went over all the of the items that the Core team has been working on, and what their plans for the future entail. Of note in this call was a presentation on Dash v13, codenamed Evolution. This is the upcoming overhaul and rebrand of Dash that will land sometime this year.

There are three important components to this overhaul that were mentioned: Upgrades to the core Dash protocol, DashPay mobile wallets/social integration, and the release of a new Dash API that will allow websites and businesses to integrate support for Dash with just a few lines of code. The quarterly report also detailed the team’s plans for the upcoming rebrand for Dash Evolution, and also their vision on how to effectively market Dash to both businesses and consumers.

Upcoming News

Two Dash affiliated speakers will be hosted at Anarchapulco event taking place on February 15th – 18th.  Anarchapulco is a globally recognized conference on freedom and individual rights. The first speaker is Ben Swann, an award-winning journalist who will be giving a presentation on his new Dash-funded YouTube show, Reality Check. Chuck Williams from the Dash Core team will also be presenting at event. A Dash treasury proposal submitted by Juan Galt in November 2017 was funded for Dash to be a gold sponsor of Anarchapulco event.