This is a repost of the Dash News Recap video with presenter Heidi Chakos from our YouTube channel. This show is dedicated to keeping you up to date with recent Dash news highlights.

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Dash Network Developments of the Week:

Dash Network Developments:
🚩 01:08 Dash Core Group CEO: Dash Eyeing Block Propagation Techniques from Bitcoin Scaling
🚩 01:53 Ryan Taylor: Dash Backporting Bitcoin, Rejects Lightning, Segwit, Replace-By-Fee

Dash Integrations:
🚩 02:33 Travala and Partner Adding 28 Million Travel Listings for Dash Users
🚩 03:25 PagCripto Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchange and Payment Processor Integrates Dash –

Dash Media:
🚩 04:12 Ryan Taylor: Governance Isn’t Important Until It’s the Most Important Thing –
🚩 05:04 New Book By Dash Nigeria Provides A Beginner’s Crash Course on Cryptocurrency and Dash –
🚩 05:43 Can You Survive on Cryptocurrency Alone? Joël Valenzuela on Lions of Liberty –
🚩 06:11 Dash Podcast 133 – High on Crypto with Kenn Bosak –


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