Good news Dash community. I’m very happy to announce the launch of the Dash News Korea website and introduce the community to our newest Dash Force team member Yujin. Dash Force is expanding its efforts in International outreach and our objective is to encourage real grass-roots growth building an active friendly interconnected International community for long-term growth.

Due to yesterdays amazing price action in Dash I wanted to launch the website as soon as possible to make the most of the high Korean volume coming in to Dash. Koreans will now have a dedicated resource for Dash news, information and content. For those interested in the choice of domain name registered for website, it turns out the “Force” in Dash Force doesn’t always translate well so in order to achieve maximum potential I decided to drop the Force. Also a key point of interest is the majority of website URLs in South Korea are in English but with Korean content. So I have listened to advice of native speakers and followed their guidance to ensure best user experience for Korean community.

The video audio volume on Yujin’s side was fairly quiet so below is a transcript of video which will also be translated into the 5 other languages Dash Force currently provide and support.

1. I would like to officially introduce Yujin to the Dash community , Yujin joined the Dash Force team last month and together we’ve been working behind the scenes on a new project. Now we’re ready to go public and launch that project so Yujin would you like to make the announcement?

“Yes, I’m very happy to announce is now live. Now South Korea has their own dedicated Dash news source in native language run and managed by me a Korean.”

2. What is your role on the website?

“I will be managing the website, translating and creating Dash content, growing the Dash Korean community and I hope to also start making Dash videos in Korean soon as well.”

2. South Korea is an incredibly important market for Dash with the Bithumb exchange and the Dash to Korean Won trading pair being consistently the number 1 source in Dash 24 hour volume for a very long time now. Surprisingly Dash International outreach has actually been rather limited in South Korea to date. Yujin why do you think Dash is so popular in South Korea right now?

“I think Dash is popular simply because it works. Koreans really love technology and they understand that Dash has cheap fees and instant transactions.”

4. Yujin for the Dash community can you tell me why you wanted to work with Dash and not another cryptocurrency, why Dash?

“When I was first learning about cryptocurrencies, I explored different communities and Dash was the most friendly. I downloaded a Dash wallet and I believe Dash has the best solution and user experience right now.”

5. Are there many dedicated crypto news sites available in Korean? Do you think will make a big difference?

“Having a dedicated Dash news source in Korean will make a big difference. Many Koreans have to rely on foreign news sites for cryptocurrency. Not all Koreans understand English and auto translation tools do not work well. I will be sharing Dash articles and content on Social Media in Korean and I hope to build a community.”

I would like to thank Yujin for agreeing to video interview at short notice. If you have any Korean friends or family please let them know about they can also follow on social media on at Twitter and Facebook.

I’m sure the Dash community will join me in welcoming Yujin in to the community and wishing her the best with new website.