The Dash Morocco team has completed its initial objectives despite a snag in original organization and funding.

Originally funded by treasury proposal, the Dash Morocco team aims to promote education on, and use of, Dash in their country, as well as the greater Arabic-speaking world. To this end goal the team has created a series of videos modeled after Amanda B. Johnson’s Dash School, but in Arabic, as well as conduct several promotional meetups and contests. According to team member Osama, reception has been good so far:

“Yes the are very satisfied about Dash’s technology, and we found a good reaction from them, and most of them are trading cryptocurrency.”

The team has completed the introduction series of Dash School in Arabic, ending with a brief tutorial on using the Dash iPhone wallet.

Objectives completed despite funding issues thanks to community help

The Dash Morocco team has completed its original objectives according to schedule despite a setback during the team’s original formation which resulted in significantly less funding being available than what was planned. However, the team was able to press on and finish its goals, thanks in part to help from the community and a donation platform provided by Green Candle.

In addition to the video series, two meetup contests were conducted to introduce Dash to new users and distribute promotional materials. Over the course of the meetups 15 people set up with new Dash wallets and given initial Dash balances, according to Osama:

“For contest… first for every installed Dash wallet in the phone we gave 10 dollars, and for the second contest we showed information about Dash systems and we wrote down questions for some information contained in the Dash School Arabic videos, everyone answered, and we gave 5 dollars for the first 10.”

Dash’s strong African presence

The Moroccan team is part of a greater movement of independent Dash teams around Africa. Currently, Dash teams operate in at least five different African countries: Morocco, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and South Africa, holding dozens of meetups and introducing new users to Dash.