Dash-backed token support has been added to the WebMoney online finance platform.

In a press release published on Thursday, the Mosow-based company founded in 1998 announced the addition of two new tokens, Dash.ECU and XRP.ECU, to its INDX exchange. The XRP.ECU note represents one XRP, Ripple’s token, and the Dash.ECU note represents 1/1,000 of one Dash unit, also known as a milli-Dash (mDash).

The INDX platform allows for the buying and selling of instruments without registering with the brokerage office. It also allows traders to trade without fees, bypassing some of the restrictions of traditional exchanges.

WebMoney’s challenges in Ukraine

The WebMoney company has run into problems in the past. In 2013, Ukrainian tax authorities blocked over 60 million hryvnia ($2.15 million USD) from companies involved with the company guaranteeing the payments locally, and a significant amount of computer equipment involved in running the payment system was also seized. This was allegedly due to detected irregularities in the company’s operations, as well as a lack of approval from the National Bank of Ukraine on payments practices.

Dash’s strong month of integrations runs contrary to market action

The cryptocurrency markets have had a rough month, falling back to early December levels and losing over half of collective valuation. Dash has similarly experienced the dip, currently priced in the mid-500s, significantly lower than the all-time high of about $1,600 in December. However, it has fared quite well in terms of adoption and integrations, with an impressive list of integrations. These have included the MorphToken and Mercury Cash exchanges, inclusion in the BlockCypher partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, announced integration into the Bravo Pawn Systems software, and the three big integrations announced at the North American Bitcoin Conference: GoCoin, Piiko, and Strike Social. Most notably, the Alt Thirty Six platform is in its final stages, which will soon enable a wide variety of businesses to seamlessly integrate Dash payments, beginning with the legal cannabis industry.