Rodrigo Ambrissi of Dash Dinheiro Digital hosted a YouTube video conference with the leaders of Dash Venezuela, Dash Cabimas, Dash Help, Dash Text, Dash Mexico, and Dash Brasil to discuss progress made in their respective sectors and to plan Dash’s growth in Latin America over the coming years.

One major point that Giorgio Marinetti of Dash Help made was that the road to adoption requires improving communication, which in this case, includes making sure that marketing materials, technical documents, and general instruction are available in the language of the user such as Spanish and Portuguese for Latin and South America. Later in the video, he highlighted how this is particularly important for businesses that want to accept Dash, but need that little additional help to get started. Dash Cabimas, which helped get the mall parking garage to accept Dash, hopes to soon be expanding into other major parking garages in other cities.

Roel Castaño of Dash Mexico also mentioned that remittances remains one of the best use cases for cryptocurrency and Dash in the country, not just because of Dash’s speed and inexpensiveness, but also out of necessity since some locations don’t have access to other remittance options. Then Brazil has a relatively decent economy, but still has enough corruption and economic issues that Dash Brasil is trying to carve out a market segment for Dash by informing individuals how Dash is a more efficient and safe way to save and spend money.

How Latin America became the center of cryptocurrency adoption

As the video highlights, Latin America has become an epicenter for cryptocurrency adoption since countries like Venezuela are suffering from hyperinflation and need a viable alternative and individuals in countries like Mexico are looking for better ways to send and receive remittances. Dash has heavily pursued the remittance market by integrating with key exchanges, integrating with cryptocurrency ATM providers, and even partnering with Bitnovo for an innovative gift card-base Transatlantic remittance solution.

Further, projects that can help the whole world have started in Latin America due to market demand, such as Dash Text. Since a majority of individuals in many Latin and South American countries do not own smartphones, and basic mobile phones that lack advanced functionality characteristics of smartphones are much more prevalent, they needed a simpler way to spend Dash. Dash Text initially emerged to enable individuals to send Dash via SMS text, but thanks to its simplicity it quickly caught on and is now even expanding beyond Latin and South America into the North America and Europe through SMS service and Telegram integrations.