A developer, DashLabsDev, from Dash Labs recently gave a brief reddit update concerning the status of Dash Labs.

He started off by saying that “development is underway on multiple projects working via the Dash blockchain”. He added that the “team has been working tirelessly to make industry progress, and they’ve managed to penetrate a few different markets and incite a high degree of interest from potential partners”.

“Innovations that we’ve been working towards developing in full are showing “math model success,” that is to say, on paper, and in simulations, they have been working. Our infrastructure and ecosystem is all but complete, but the progress we’ve been able to make is skyrocketing in terms of acceleration and success.”

In the comments, he explained that there has not been many announcements because one, they have been “working pretty much nonstop” and two, they “wanted to make significant progress before making any announcements of any nature”. DashLabsDev also added that they are “looking to release more information publicly soon” and to “stay tuned for a whitepaper in the coming months!”

Dash Labs is supplementing scaling abilities of Dash

Dash Labs was created by Dash founder, Evan Duffield, after he stepped away from Dash Core Group and wanted to help “future-proof” Dash, which includes open-source hardware creation to enhance the long-term robustness and scaling of the Dash network. Evan previously told DFN how he plans to accomplish this task.

“Dash Labs aims to create the first open-source versions of many different types of hardware. Our goal is to help the digital currency space to remain open and transparent, while reducing the economic advantages of closed-source proprietary technology. For example, advanced open-source ASICs would eliminate most of the advantages of privately-developed ASICs. As a result, mining centralization could be significantly reduced. All economic actors will have a level playing field, at least with respect to hardware solutions.”

Dash Labs grew to bring on additional team members to help tackle their seemingly ambitious project. Then they announced that they were pursuing a GPU hardware accelerator program to make the Dash network even more efficient.

“The plan now is to begin by implementing a GPU based hardware accelerator for improving the block-throughput of the network. This means we can process one block at a time and hundreds of transactions, allowing the blocks to be processed in a fraction of the time by the masternode network. The project requires one engineer, which is capable of writing gpu algorithms, the next engineer we are presently looking for.”

These infrequent, but significant updates signal that Dash Labs is working on revolutionary technology to make Dash even more usable, robust, and scalable in everyday life. In the meantime, Dash Core Group has been able to scale Dash to 2 MB blocks and illustrate, in partnership with the ASU Blockchain Lab, that Dash can easily scale to 10 MB blocks and handle 120 tx/sec, which is about half of the current PayPal Network’s transaction volume. Dash Labs and Dash Core Group are leveraging research to continuously improve the Dash network.

Importance of research for new digital cash

Cryptocurrency is a very new sector and thus there are only a relative handful of individuals that are experts in the field. Thus, collaboration becomes important for this knowledge to disseminate. Dash has thrived at being able to create these research institutions from Dash Labs to the ASU Blockchain Lab to fully understand the scaling capabilities of Dash and cryptocurrencies without sacrificing low fees, fast confirmation times, nor security.

Dash Labs has been possible by the generosity and curiosity of Evan, but the ASU Blockchain Lab was made possible by the Dash DAO and its community whom wanted to see Dash properly researched to ensure the best possible services. The commitment to research and development demonstrates Dash’s ability to evolve to handle the increased traffic that the network is simultaneously creating with adoption via community outreach initiatives.

Dash Force will be interviewing Dash Labs staff with a publish date of early next week!