Dash Labs is seeking to hire an additional engineer for a hardware accelerator project as the third main sub-DAO organization grows.

The future-proofing arm of the Dash network headed up by Dash founder Evan Duffield, Dash Labs is seeking to add a new employee to assist in a GPU hardware acceleration project. Duffield outlined in a new Medium post the project to improve network throughput:

“The plan now is to begin by implementing a GPU based hardware accelerator for improving the block-throughput of the network. This means we can process one block at a time and hundreds of transactions, allowing the blocks to be processed in a fraction of the time by the masternode network. The project requires one engineer, which is capable of writing gpu algorithms, the next engineer we are presently looking for.”

Last month, Dash Labs hired a new engineer and put out a call for an unpaid intern. An additional hire would put the Dash Labs staff at three to four members.

The creation of a new office in Hong Kong for use by Dash Labs and Dash Core

In addition to expanding staff, Dash Labs also seeks to establish a collaborative office in Hong Kong, where Duffield recently moved. This office would be available for local members of both Dash Labs and Dash Core to use, and to facilitate collaboration between the two.

“We would also like to get a local office, which is going to be a space used by dash labs and dash core, to align and coordinate the efforts of the two projects, allowing them to effectively bridge the work being done.”

To facilitate the documentation process of the many current and upcoming improvements to the Dash protocol, Dash Core has released the DIP system, or Dash Improvement Proposal. Modeled after Bitcoin’s similarly named BIPs, DIPs will provide a thorough and accessible documentation of protocol changes. Currently, over 35 DIPs have been added, comprising hundreds of pages of documentation.

Recent price spikes have rendered Dash’s budget truly massive

Due to recent price action, Dash’s treasury budget has grown to an impressive size. The Dash treasury comprises 10% of the block reward of newly created coins, and is available for use by anyone willing to submit a proposal to be voted on by the Dash network. At present valuations, the monthly budget for the treasury amounts to over $1.8 million, many times higher than similarly-ranked cryptocurrency projects.