The payments-focussed cryptocurrency Dash has published a five-part video series about the upcoming Dash Platform titled Dash is Becoming a Cloud”. 

Dash Platform is a technology stack for building decentralized apps on the Dash network. It allows developers to easily access network resources and trustlessly store app data using Dash’s decentralized API.

The first video in the series bridges the gap from when Dash Evolution was first announced in 2015, bringing people up to speed to the present with the final installment of Evolution – Dash Platform. The remaining four videos explain the four components of Dash Platform, which together will make Dash the first peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that functions like a cloud service; Dash Drive, the Decentralized API (DAPI), Usernames via the Dash Platform Name Service (DPNS), and the Dash Platform Protocol (DPP).

Soon you will be able to transfer Dash with just a username. That means no more long, confusing, and scary cryptographic addresses. Blockchain-registered usernames and contact lists will vastly improve ease of use and accessibility for less technically-minded users. 

Dash Platform is an application development platform that leverages the Dash masternode network and blockchain by transforming Dash’s peer-to-peer network into a decentralized cloud. This means that developers can easily integrate their applications with Dash Platform by using Dash’s distributed, decentralized application programming interface (DAPI). It allows clients to send, store and retrieve application data via Dash Drive, as well as query the blockchain through a more developer-friendly interface. One key advantage of DAPI is that it provides developers with the same access and security of a full node, without the cost and maintenance overhead. The MVP release of Dash Platform will initially act as a Database as a Service (DBaaS). It will use data contracts with custom data structures defined for applications, that store application data on the Dash masternode network. This data will be notarized via Dash’s blockchain. Dash Platform creates a frictionless developer experience with SDKs (Software Development Kit) to easily develop applications.

Dash Core Group recently published a video demonstration of the username registration process via their flagship Platform wallet Dashpay (currently in testing). What makes Dash’s username identities unique is that it will be the world’s first decentralized blockchain solution that enables usernames to operate natively—no third-party companies required. This allows developers to build decentralized applications that can easily connect to the network using Dash’s forthcoming Decentralized API (“DAPI”) and storage mechanism Drive. 

Dash is cultivating a community of developers to build decentralized applications on Dash Platform. The community-run website Dash Devs is currently offering Dash rewards for various bounties on DAPP development for Dash Platform. A number of community DAPPs have already been created and are in development on Dash “EvoNet” (which serves as the public testing environment for Dash Platform).

Dash is no longer just about payments—its real-world use cases and applications are about to get a major boost. As Amanda B. Johnson states in the outro of the first video: “Stay tuned, as Dash is becoming a decentralized cloud”

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