I am a regular reader (and sometime troll) of the Dash.org forum pre-proposal threads. Since the monthly budget has gotten to be well over $1,000,000 I am seeing some pretty complex pre-proposals being submitted.  While I am not a masternode owner and don’t have a vote I do follow them as part of my “beat” for Dash Force News.  There are right now a number of very complex submissions that to intelligently review or vote on would take a good bit of research.

There have been a few attempts at providing “guidance” for the pre-proposal owner and masternode owners to help to filter through pre-proposals but none have really worked out.  There is a pre-proposal currently active to provide a consolidated source of information for approved proposals.  The submitter “paragon” has done extensive due diligence and has a good understanding of the complexity of just maintaining a current status of open proposals.

We now have multiple pre-proposals / proposals each month that are asking for 6 and even 7 figure USD budgets. On the one hand it is a great problem to have an endless supply of potentially great projects to pick from the downside is that “we” have to evaluate the project, the team and the value to Dash.

One currently funded proposal that will review submitted proposals each month is “Summary Reporting and Commentary on All Dash Proposals on a Monthly Basis by the Mason Brothers” where they will do videos each month looking at proposals up for a vote that month. They have also just begun doing videos about individual proposals. They rely on the information provided in the proposal discussion and their “educated opinion.”  I have watched their first few videos and they are pretty good.

It seems that reviewing these projects more “in depth” requires a mix of at least business development, financial analysis, legal issues and project management with a good bit of “personality” to work with the many different people involved.

Some current examples of big complex proposals are:

Pre-Proposal Dash Messaging Eco-System they are looking for over $1M to help complete a private messaging system that incorporates Dash to allow for “in app” purchase of things like short term insurance or other offers.

In a nut shell, we founded a messaging app and social media Eco-system on the premise that Social Media is fundamentally flawed due to user privacy violations, advertising fatigue/distrust and the lack of economic value and governance for all participants.

Thus connecting corporates and consumers by focusing on activity attribution and engagement via chat. The technology can be leveraged to add meaningful value to text and media interactions where goods, services and knowledge can now be transacted and monetized seamlessly into chat, rewarding the contributor and consumer (end user) as well as the corporates and create experiential micro currency across the Dash platform.

Streaming the Dash Blockchain to the whole Planet from Geosynchronous Satellites … need I say more than the title. It is an interesting concept and they present some good use cases. Has been submitted as a $230,000 proposal.

Pre-proposal: Let millions of Chinese investors on Huobi invest Dash – they are looking for 1005 Dash (over $400K) to “air drop” to existing customers to get them excited about Dash (which is already available on the exchange). Submitted and has 13% approval so will be funded.

What will we do?

a. Exchange. We will list Dash/BTC and Dash/USDT trading pairs on Huobi.pro and create millions of Dash hot wallets for our users and cold wallet for our platform.  – already there?

b. Air drop. We will air drop Dash to all our bitcoin and litecoin traders, encourage them by this to use Dash, experience the Speed, try it out and see the difference in Dash and its technology. We will launch promotions to introduce Dash to our users and make them well aware and educated in Dash.

c. Marketing. We will post announcements on our website and Social Media which will be exposed to our millions of users, Dash will definitely get more popular in China.

Dash Documentary – asking for approx $400K to produce a documentary film about Dash.  Submitted as proposal.

One of the main problems being faced by the cryptocurrency sector is establishing its presence to the masses. In order for cryptocurrencies to take their rightful place alongside conventional currencies, this problem needs to be addressed. Many people are unaware of this transformation within the financial system or of the role that cryptocurrencies play.

Evolution Offers & Promotions Platform this has been submitted for the second time. It is about a $1M project that will integrate special offers from businesses into the evolution platform.

The Acme is a digital marketing and ecommerce technology company specializing in engagement and direct response marketing fueled by consumer data intelligence, machine learning, and digital payments. Our clients are brick & mortar local businesses (retailers) and online small businesses (etailers) that need more repeatable and predictable revenue from repeat customers.

There are also a number of pre-proposals in the $50-100K range that would take a detailed analysis to determine their value.


There are many big complex proposals being submitted to the Dash treasury system.  Just think how this will be in another 6 months if the price of Dash were to get close to $1,000.  Over $5,000,000 a month will be available for treasury funded projects. Additionally with the new legal structure the Dash masternode network may be able to accept equity stakes in some of these business deals.  It will become very important to manage this process.  It is bad enough when a proposal turns out to be a “scam” it would be that much worse if “Dash” owned 25% of an active scam project.