Dash is getting ready for wide market adoption with two projects funded by the treasury.

Currently, Dash is already positioned for use as digital cash, with low fees, instant transactions, and optional anonymity. Late this year, however, the Dash Evolution upgrade is slated for release, providing a much more user-friendly user interface and experience, protocol-level. Ahead of this release which will make mass market adoption more attractive, the Dash masternode network saw fit to fund two proposals with a heavy emphasis on mass adoption: Amanda B. Johnson’s new mass market project, and Dash Force‘s DiscoverDash initiative.

Former Dash: Detailed host Amanda B. Johnson’s market outreach

Switching gears from her previous weekly video project Dash: Detailed, Amanda B. Johnson is launching a new video project aimed at mass market adoption:

I’d like to re-purpose my weekly Wednesday videos. Instead of news, I’d instead like to announce a new and fun way my viewers can spread Dash usage – both within their local communities and to their social networks. Simultaneously.”

This project will include contests and giveaways via social media hashtags to incentivize growing global attention on the Dash economy. For example, right now the hastag #FirstDashWallet incentivizes new users to publish a photo of their first wallet, and receive a tip in Dash.

Dash Force’s DiscoverDash initiative

A project of the Dash Force, DiscoverDash is a new merchant adoption and listing site. It currently lists over 70 businesses recently confirmed to be accepting Dash worldwide, with more being added weekly. Business owners can add their own listing or claim one that was previously entered.

In addition to business listings, DiscoverDash will feature resources and guides to facilitate new users and business owners joining the Dash economy. The site aims to be a one-stop shop for Dash adoption, providing basic info, guides, lists of preferred merchant tools, etc., as well as best practices to approaching businesses to integrate Dash and much more.

“Business-ready” Dash is encroaching on Bitcoin’s former territory

Dash’s impetus to hit the ground running with merchant adoption comes as Bitcoin’s fees skyrocket to unprecedented levels, significantly dampening attractiveness as a payment option. Recently, online Amazon gift card service BitCart stopped accepting Bitcoin due to ever-increasing wait times reducing the viability of its business model. Nicholas Boyle, owner of Boyle’s Beer Company, is considering going a similar route:

“I just paid over $5 low priority fee for a $20 Bitcoin transaction. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to accept Bitcoin again until it’s fixed.”

As this experience becomes more and more common, cryptocurrency is beginning to experience a “business flippening” as more and more merchants switch to Dash and other similar alternatives in order to stay afloat.

If you know of a business that accepts Dash, please get them listed here!