Dash has funded a comprehensive integration into the General Bytes offerings, including a power point-of-sale system, all ATMs including two-way, and NFC contactless wallet cards.

The proposal, submitted by escrow service Green Candle, funds a complete integration into General Bytes’ product lineup. This includes two-way service for Dash, allowing customers to both buy and sell Dash at select ATM models (presently this two-way functionality is only available for Bitcoin and Litecoin), and will also enable the use of Dash’s InstantSend instant confirmation functionality.

According to Jeff Smith, Green Candle’s co-founder, the added functionality to two-way ATMs can leverage a truly cashless experience for Dash users:

“General Bytes has supported Dash on their ATMs for some time now but only one-way. You could put cash into their machine and receive Dash out. This proposal extends this ability to be TWO-WAY, meaning that you can now put cash into their machines and get out Dash or you can put Dash into their machines and get cash out. The latter is really important as we extend our abilities to support cashless environments of the future. We need patrons to have the ability to convert their cash into crypto and then back again after the events. Combing this TWO-WAY ATM machine with their Cortexpay POS system will now allow us to have a full POS and TWO-WAY ATM solution for Dash cashless events.”

Dash’s addition to a complete point-of-sale system

The proposal also includes inclusion into the General Bytes CortexPay point-of-sale terminal. This system currently supports Bitcoin and Litecoin, and represents a unified point-of-sale system with fiat currency conversion and NFC support, including the contactless wallet cards available from the ATMs. These wallet cards can be loaded with Dash and used at point-of-sale terminals and ATMs instead of the more cumbersome process of using a QR code scanner from a smartphone app. Adding Dash will increase its viability as a payments cryptocurrency by enabling it in a unified merchant solution.

Dash’s adoption difference in the cryptoverse

An important factor to the success of a cryptocurrency is its network effect, and Dash has made great strides in this area, though sometimes in different ways than other coins. Smith believes that Dash’s approach of working silently at long-term goals can lead to a limited understanding outside of the community of its successes and progress:

“I think on a whole Dash does sometimes suffer from its own success inside this space. Internally we have adopted a mantra of keeping our heads down and focusing on our deliverables and not speculating on the price but focusing on building the foundation for the future. This has sometimes led to back and fourth discussions between our community and others. The one thing I can say is that if there is an area where we lag behind other coins in adoption it’s usually due to a lack of an understanding of what we are up to.”

Nevertheless, Smith believes that Dash is well-positioned for long-term success in the ecosystem, in no small part thanks to its decentralized governance and treasury system:

“It is truly a dream come true for me to be a part of a team that is building world class products that will be used by the entire world. Dash has been built off fundamentals and economics and for this reason we have uniquely positioned ourselves to take advantage of these economics. One way is with our budget system which as you mentioned can help us bridge some of these gaps. Having an open transparent governance and funding model that anyone can apply to for grants has really allowed Dash to attract top talent and retain investors. I really feel this ability to spend a current 7 million dollars a month to build our ecosystem is a tremendous step up but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. We have a lot of work ahead and there will be bumps in the road. With each bump we gain improvements. Some people have said changing the world can be lonely but many have also found a home in Dash Nation!”