I delivered a presentation on Dash at the regional European Students for Liberty conference in Vienna.

Students for Liberty is a large international nonprofit organization dedicated to the spreading of the ideas of liberty and a free society to students and youth around the world. This group is a natural fit for outreach by Dash as it is already philosophically aligned, likely generally familiar with the subject, but not over-saturated like the crowded cryptospace.

Also present were Dash community members Simon the Ravager, Nebojsa, and Djordje.

A one-hour speaking slot and several promotional appearances

I was provided a one-hour slot to speak (the video recording is available here and here), which I divided into a 30-40 minute speech with audience participation, saving the rest of the time for questions, of which there were many. Afterwards I attempted to set up a few new users with Dash wallets and their first 10 euros worth of Dash.

In addition to the speech itself, I was featured in several promotional materials before and after the conference, including several pictures, as well as a short video I recorded to promote the conference.


A receptive, familiar young audience

The audience consisted mainly of young students from all over Europe. Most were quite sympathetic to the concept of using government-free money, nearly all knew about cryptocurrency, and around a third had used it in some capacity before. An encouraging bit was how many of the audience participants were focused on future-thinking approaches to a freer world, such as cryptocurrency, rather than attempting to improve the old system.

In addition, several attendees were professionally involved in the cryptocurrency industry in some capacity or another, a statistically significant portion compared to random samplings of other groups. This indicates that the link between freedom and this new technology has not yet been lost.

As always, the curiosity was on living off of cryptocurrency

By far, most of the questions revolved around my choice to live entirely off of cryptocurrency. Audiences I’m sure are used to hearing speakers talk about how cryptocurrency can change the world by supplanting the central banking system, and how you can be your own bank, etc. etc. What they’re not used to hearing, however, is someone putting the theory into practice. My ability to live off of a 100% Dash income in New Hampshire, without a bank account, elicited plenty of detailed questions. Hopefully over the next few months it will become easier and easier to live this way, and will require fewer “ugly hacks.”