July was another incredibly successful month for the Dash Force News website. In July we had 128,629 site visits and just under 400,988 pages viewed (3.1 pages per
visit). In addition to this, all of the Dash Force News social media accounts continued to grow as well with our YouTube channel doubling its subscriber count, Facebook
now over 34K page likes and Twitter passing 1000 follower milestone.

In terms of website development I had to undertake some DNS and CDN changes due to being blocked by 50% of Russian Internet Service Providers. This was due to CloudFlare proxy issues not our content. I would like to thank Alex from Dash Russia for providing Intel and confirming issued is now resolved. On July 5th we moved operations to a dedicated server with minimal disruption. The reason for change and upgrade was due to popularity of website. Towards the end of June during peak hour posting times the hosting provider could not handle the bandwidth traffic requests which resulted in some users experiencing error 508 codes in their web browsers. This was swiftly resolved and has now been taken care of. The content and influence of website continues to establish itself and grow internationally.

In July we also welcomed the addition of translators to the Dash Force team. Dash Force News is now available in 6 languages! The first part of the month consisted of making the necessary changes and back-end work such as implementing multilanguage solution plus website string translation. Existing web-pages, menus, widgets and categories we’re translated first before undertaking translation of news articles. The plan moving forward is to publish one news story in each language every week day. I’m personally managing this team and I’m extremely happy with their dedication and all the work that has been completed to date. Each language has it’s own various Dash Force News social media profiles to help syndicate all the news they translate. The social media accounts are new but having Twitter, Facebook, Steemit accounts etc. in each language will really help us extend our reach and increase International Outreach for Dash. In the coming months I intend to shift my focus and efforts on building the following on these international
communities. Dash Force will continue as a team to grow from strength to strength and keep pushing forward.

This is the Fourth monthly report published to date. As promised as Webmaster I’m committed to my role and responsibility to release monthly reports to Masternode Owners and the Dash community as a whole. As Dash Force is funded by the Dash DAO it is important for us to be transparent and keep you informed about our progress. We also do this in the hope to set a precedent and good example for others to follow suit that have successfully received proposal funding.

View the webmaster report here