To celebrate the launch of the website we are running a special Dash Force News video competition.

The competition is to create and upload a 3-5 minute video on YouTube explaining why you believe DASH is the best cryptocurrency.

The Dash Force News team will be reviewing the video entries, selecting the winners and will announce them on website and via social media.

We are looking for informative quality comments and creativity. Please do not attack other crypto-currencies that is not the purpose of the contest. Dash Force News wants to know why you like DASH and your reasoning.

If you decide not to participate in contest please can you kindly show your support to those that do. If we get good response and feedback we may potentially run future community competitions like this on a regular basis.

There are 3 prizes to be won.

1st Prize – 1 DASH
2nd Prize – 0.75 DASH
3rd Prize – 0.5 DASH

IMPORTANT – Here are the competition rules:

Part 1 (VIDEO) – Create a YouTube video with the video title “Why I believe DASH is the best cryptocurrency”

In the YouTube video description please put a link to Dash Force News website.

Part 2 (SHARE) – After the video is uploaded please share on Twitter using the tags @dashforcenews and #dashforce

Also post your video entry to our Facebook page and make sure you give our page a like as well.

This will help us find and locate your video entries.

Also feel free to post the links to your videos in Disqus comment section below as well.

**Competition entry deadline is Friday 28th April**

The Dash Force News team will review and announce the winners on Monday 1st May. We will post the winners on the website and via social media so make you like and follow us:

We look forward to watching your videos. Now go get creative and good luck!