Repost of yesterdays 3 Amigos Podcast. This was episode number 7 in the on-going series taking place every Friday at 3pm EST. This week we discussed the biggest news story of the week which was Dash overcoming sluggish market conditions to achieve all time highs. According to coinmarketcap $226 was the highest point on 5th July.

We also discuss a number of key topically points from the news this week such as:

* 24hr Dash Volume coming from Korea = 20%

* Coinbase Adds 1 Mln Users in 1 Month.

* Delayed price reaction to the Dash Evolution Roadmap announcement.

* Class-Action Lawsuit against Kraken for Ethereum flashcrash. 1 million USD was lost. Expected DDOS attacks.

* Coincheck Japan – 260,000+ new merchants accepting Bitcoin in Japan.

*  Japan’s electronics marketplace Akihabara starting to adopt Bitcoin.

*  Alt36 Update – regarding new pdf project update on Dash Forums about business development & research.

*  Dash Force News update on recent server upgrade and on the arrival of new Dash Force team members.

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