Video Summary by Mark Mason

With the recent announcement about blockchain start-up Bitcart from Ireland integrating Dash to its platform we asked our resident Dash Force News video correspondent Tao of Satoshi to track down and interview Bitcart CEO Graham de Barra.

So how can Bitcart sell Amazon giftcards for 20% discount when purchased with Dash?…. You’ll just have to watch the video to find out.

A wide range of topics are discussed in video interview from how the Bitcart service works, Dash business adoption and how the Dash DAO could change the way we do politics in the future. Graham certainly practices what he preaches as he has commissioned a community owned Dash masternode for his home city of Cork. To my knowledge excluding Dash masternode shares offered by a few select service providers,  this is the first geographically community owned Dash masternode. The community is encouraged to meet and discuss Dash proposals and democratically decide how to vote.

Graham is clearly passionate about Dash and the many solutions it provides to not only users but also for merchants too. Graham mentions he has multiple Dash projects in the pipeline and sees himself as an ambassador for Dash as he is actively promoting Dash within his community to increase business adoption .

Graham expressed how impressed he was at the level of support and professionalism he received from the Dash Core team and encourages other businesses and entrepreneurs to follow in his footsteps and to climb aboard the Dash train.

With a 20% discount on Amazon products using the Bitcart service when purchased with Dash you can expect to see a Dash Force News review of this service very soon as I’m sure like many of you reading this I to am excited to use this service.