The 3 Amigos Podcast, the weekly podcast put on by Dash Force, has been added to the Liberty Radio Network (LRN).

Based out of New Hampshire, LRN is a US-wide network airing dozens of liberty and alternative media shows online as well as on radio stations across the country. The network airs shows such as the Tom Woods Show, Reality Check with Ben Swann, and its flagship show Free Talk Live, known as “the show that launched Bitcoin” for introducing early Bitcoin evangelist Roger Ver to the currency, as well as hosting many of the cryptospace’s top influencers in the early days, including Dash’s founder Evan Duffield.

LRN reported the addition over the weekend:

Dash’s premier regular show gains steam

The 3 Amigos is Dash’s most prominent regular show, and airs a weekly 60-90 minute live video podcast with the three Dash Force Partners, frequently including a guest as well. Guests have included members of the Dash Core team and well as prominent contractors in the ecosystem, such as independent journalist Ben Swann and MMA stars Rory MacDonald and Chael Sonnen. The show airs every Friday at 3pm EST on the Dash Force News YouTube channel, and is posted every Saturday to Dash Force News along with links to the various audio formats.