September was another busy month in the Dash meetup sphere. We had large, medium and small meetups all around the world added to, and Facebook.
Without further ado, the winners are…

Wildcard Meetup Winners: Up to 2 Dash

Syntheist wins 0.1 Dash for their meetup in Bristol, UK.

Even though this was a small meet up in Bristol, it is great seeing people gather and meet up to learn about magic Internet money.

Location: Bristol, UK

Date: September 20

Dash Address: XdmpwrgB3E9Vd1myr1oxEcLahoeyTKSfyQ


@August wins .75 Dash for his meet up at Iowa State University.

With a spontaneous meet up and help from the Slack, August was able to distribute $500 worth of Dash, a great way to get newcomers started!

Location: Iowa State University

Date: September 15

Dash Address: XycM5ftE1fcYo83QqYoDSSGX3bpJSPyTBM


Rotc Wins .75 Dash Nigeria Meet Up (2 meet ups). Both of these meet ups combined had 46 people! Each step is gigantic for these Nigerian meet ups!

Locations: Jowil Place, Warri and winners Place

Date: September 16 and 21

Dash Nigeria Meetup I
Dash Nigeria Meetup II

Dash Address: XviYoaYkRpKLvBAyMZaep5XDSPoRixtK4j


CoachDigi Wins 1 Dash for a Creative meetup with their students in Cancun

42 students were in the meet up. Taught the students how to use the Dash wallets by dividing them into groups and sending Dash to each other.

Location: Cancun’s Highschool

Date: October 2

Dash Address: Xq5Pk9AeeLjmZsMGtbnMesSbA1wYqJTP3p


@Zambang wins 1 Dash for holding multiple meet ups in Ghana. They educate individuals with multiple meet ups in September. They also had Dash on a Radio Talk show and gave the host some Dash! ( They are continuing to spread and educate the people of Ghana!

Location:  and University for Development Studies, Wa

Date: September 30

Dash Address: XkmgHzUguQgQGEZo2pbtqAT4eQWmxxpu5o



Dashingdude wins 0.5 Dash for a meet up in South Africa. At this meet up Dashingdude gave out dash and held the event at a location where the merchant accepts Dash. For those that sent their dash to a friend Dashingdude paid for their tab in fiat.

Dash Address: XfFQ3kimzubguoPpAcfv6dYFgRzcL66843


Large Presentations

@aaronkoeing’s german meetup and presentation – 3 Dash

Cryptolib salam mahamadu Dash presentation  in Tamale Ghana- Dash for Africans – 1

Are you interested in hosting your own Dash meetup or presentation? You can learn more information about the Dash Force Meetup & Presentation Contest by clicking here.