October was another another great month in the Dash meet up sphere. We had medium to large meet up in Africa and added to Discoverdash.com, meetup.com and Facebook.
Without further ado, your winner is…

Wildcard Meetup Winners: Up to 2 Dash

Oluwajuwon Micheal Wins 1 Dash

There was a pretty large meet up in Nigeria in October with a gathering of 38 guests and 21 people knew nothing of cryptocurrencies. No one knew about Dash before the event. Dash was given out two 11 guests (9 received $5, 1 received $10 and 1 received $7.50. The

Location: Kaduna, Nigeria

Date: October 28


Dash Address: Xc4KEaFzVuU8xFAAKdKSsHbib3cYiGjgTM



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