November was another another great month in the Dash meet up sphere. We had Meet Ups in Central America and in Africa this month and were added to, and Facebook.
Without further ado, your winner is…

Basic Meetup Winners: Up to .5 Dash

prodigalozzy  wins 0.5 Dash for their meetup

Location: Guadalajara at a Wings and Beer place called Wingman

Date: December 2

Dash Address:


Zugwai  wins 0.5 Dash for their meetup

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Date: November 9

Dash Address:


Wildcard Meetup Winners: Up to 2 Dash

CoachDigi  wins 1 Dash for their meetup



Location: Dashtecas High School presentation

Date: November 24

Dash Address:




David Mogaji wins 0.75 Dash for their meetup

Location: Federal Cooperative College Kaduna

Date: November 22

Dash Address: