November was another great month for Dash meetup’s with 955 wallets set up across 11 meet ups.

We had Meetups in Russia, Venezuela and Africa this month and all were added to, Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote. Without further ado, here are this month’s winners…

Wild Card Meet Up Winners: Up to 1 Dash

LUKMAN Receives: 1 Dash

Location: Student’s For Liberty event at Sem B Lodge conference room, Ghana

Date: November 7

Dash Address: XfZAsQnMPoQeiu8bhgzpv8NaxbwYKjKe29

EVM45 Receives: .3 Dash

Location: Tyumen

Date: November 18

Dash Address: Xq2MZNVbg5u7uzCsbXgLpJ355nY61YNjtY

Cassi Konopasek Receives: .3 Dash

Location: West Hollywood, California

Date: November 15

Dash Address:

Megas Receives: .8 Dash

Location:  Asoufia Asaman

Date: November 17

Dash Address: XwPQM3bde9fvpbGnp5hY3JNC3fCbVXaCer

Dashminded Receives: .6 Dash

Location: Odaho junior High school

Date: November 19

Dash Address: Xow6YDHxcmDZf97QTCrVZski8WRsrGeeTs

Fransoa Receives: 1 Dash

Location: Kumasi

Date: November 27

Dash Address: XvSU3h6Xbx5o2BJcHiLQJo2uETEqnPyp8D

Large Meet Ups: Up to 2 Dash

Tomas Alfaro Receives: 1.5 Dash

Location: La Concha Mall, Suite 12, 6016 Lecheria, Anzoategui, Venezuela

Date: November 1

Dash Address: XwxgsQY2sQMu6G6opsnUhEBXVkDYFHG477

amosi Receives: 2 Dash

Location: knust hall

Date: November 17

Dash Address: Xkng7UEpVGjHomVSuGdQ2Ed3v2m94sY4z5

Yoana Castillo Receives: 1.9 Dash

Location: National Experimental University “Rafael Maria Baralt”

Date: November 20

Dash Address: Xek28AXG6XryVseSjDKXhE5GKZLTG8RyZ9

Vincenti Efoui Receives: 2 Dash

Location: Lome, Togo

Date: November 15

Dash Address: XvEogUZ4x5SqEJkcVBscaKDbgAgoNmBXT5

zugwai Receives: 2 Dash

Location: Our Lady parish independence way kaduna

Date: November 30

Dash Address: XaiBfFn3vUh9QSpf1oFn51kGMgfSwyYo3U…mpaign=new_event_email&utm_term=eventurl_text

Are you interested in the Dash Force Meetup & Presentation Program but not sure where to start? Find the link below to learn more about the Program and Feel free to contact Albert on the forums @aarellanes or on Dash Talk Discord @AlbertArellanesiii

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