June was better month for Dash meetup’s with 40 wallets set up and 79 attendees across 5 meet ups.

We had Meetups in West Africa, East Africa and Russia this month and all were added to Facebook and Evernote. Without further ado, here are this month’s winners…

WildCard Winners: Up To 2 Dash

ahimbisibwebrian – .2 Dash

Location: Royal institute

Date: June 28

Receiving address: XwWqYsNaX56m6QNp27TZsG3VRNkoXSMt4H


EVM45 – .3 Dash

Location: Russia

Date: June 25

Receiving address: XbNyJEznLRtzfJ5j9JnHYPXLm3GHAYahgm

Joojo Receives .5 dash

Location: Ejisu Asotwe-Kumasi

Date: June 23

Receiving address: XqBArcCow1hd5HMJ7ivbygzQyLbjYP2CyK


Fransoa Receives .5 dash

Location: Kromoase

Date: June 28

Receiving address: XnP4WPFFpeWjWZxsBR5XYuCCgqaUY9mNjD


Large Winners: Up To 1 Dash

amosi – 1 Dash

Location: Ahinsan Youth Centre

Date: June 16

Receiving address: XrdSBmz2eUpUpzZJzx3tbx2rBurpezHswU


Are you interested in the Dash Force Meetup & Presentation Program but not sure where to start? Find the link below to learn more about the Program and Feel free to contact Albert on the forums @aarellanes or on Dash Talk Discord @AlbertArellanesiii

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