July was another great month for Dash meetup’s with 309 wallets set up across 13 meetups.

We had Meetups in California, South America, and Africa this month and all were added to meetup.com, Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote. Without further ado, here are this month’s winners…

Basic Meet Up Winners: Up to .5 Dash

yellowcox Receives: .5 Dash for 2 Basic Meet ups

Location: north east of France and Luxembourg

Date: July 9th

Dash Address: XydnxeD6nKPpR5U3toV8y9NskW7RU12GdA

Wild Card Meet Up Winners: Up to 1 Dash

Tidze Emiliene Fonyuy Receives: .25 Dash

Location: Oxford Guest House

Date: July 15

Dash Address: XbZ6kf6p459vQ3ifYndzqQUeN9bwDin9W7


More Images at http://imgur.com/a/TPc8R7h

amosi Receives: .7 Dash

Location: Dompoase M/A school

Date: July 14

Dash Address: XbmRLSqraH5hfHBSDqf3WZwn7D7HnjeJBz


FUSHEINI LUKMAN  Receives: 1 Dash

Location: Bimbila Senior High

Date: July 22

Dash Address: XkbNL8BZJGvJ1nCNrnn8dSXWuSqYvJScLx


More Images at https://imgur.com/a/fkOik0C


Fransoa Receives: .2 Dash

Location: Grace Chapel youth in Ghana

Date: July 23

Dash Address: Xd6LcuR8As7MUzqsKMrLLYuyVMBCKFCApm


DASH Trujillo Receives: .4 Dash

Location: Universidad de Los Andes “Núcleo Universitario Rafael Rangel”. La Concepción, Pampanito, Trujillo, Venezuela

Date: July 23

Dash Address: Xwubo3jG8yuvZaehP9iy5URXvDcaZ6y2WD


Abubakari Issah Receives: .4 Dash

Location: Bagabaga JHS

Date: July 29

Dash Address: Xu97vJ3eCjZyrXFkfMsV6xGzTAj4TNQ65g



More images at https://imgur.com/gallery/ILKnH2c

zugwai Receives: 1 Dash

Location: Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic Zaria

Date: July 26

Dash Address: XpYrWRi6cmunz8mzdfVMSBqbEW1N2xSGA3

More images at http://imgur.com/a/oBlP7mU


NorCalCrypto Receives: 1 Dash

Location: Sacramento, California

Date: July 23

Dash Address: Xg5qa67zum7dxxkbPLNWwXSkL4QBuphFwP

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Meetup… DASH NIGHT!

Monday, Jul 23, 2018, 7:00 PM

McClellan Park
3140 Peacekeeper Way McClellan , CA

27 bitcoin users, bitcoin curious Went

July 23rd is DASH NIGHT! Everyone that comes to the meetup will get $5 worth of the 14th most popular cryptocurrency DASH. This meetup happens on the second and fourth Mondays of the month and is for any and all interested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Curious, beginners, early adopters, developers,… everybody is welcome! Come and let’…

Check out this Meetup →

More images at https://app.box.com/s/7h0l64l3hx3nck34yinmnuqxgo359rcm/folder/51930324230

Boss Lady Receives: 1 Dash

Location: Umar Musa Yaradua University, Katsina

Date: July 30

Dash Address: XiTbCk6z5cafDKiDkDgJsZBprA2kyyVn8u


More images at https://imgur.com/a/rz3cCol

Cesar Hernandez Receives: .4 Dash

Location: Lara, Venezuela

Date: July 27

Dash Address: XnzKE6fNsR6MUXaGDuP9GSx9aGmwZTXhcN


Edgar Caballero Receives: .4 Dash

Location: Queipa school, Valencia Venezuela

Date: July 31

Dash Address: XhboZrakw7nWAvYYvR3UgER8AkcScDmMXp


More images at https://imgur.com/a/JsomdlH


Large Meet Up Winners: Up to 1 Dash

Vincenti Efoui Receives: 1.5 Dash – With 84 New wallets!

Location: Ofon Community Hall. Région des Plateaux, Togo

Date: July 20th

Dash Address: XxDScP8eypQRMEoTUVPeZCX9czTA2wGhhu






Are you interested in the Dash Force Meetup & Presentation Program but not sure where to start? Find the link below to learn more about the Program and Feel free to contact Albert on the forums @aarellanes or on Dash Nation Discord @AlbertArellanesiii

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