January was another another great month in the Dash meet up sphere. We had Meet Ups in Central America and in Africa this month and were added to Discoverdash.com, meetup.com and Facebook. Without further ado, here are this months winners…

Basic Meetup Winners: Up to .5 Dash

Prodigalozzy Receives .25 Dash for this meet up

Location: Wingman Chapalita

Date: January 30

Dash Address:


Wild Card Meetup Winners: Up to 1 Dash

David M  Receives .2 Dash for organizing two meet ups

Location: Green Apple Hotel, Chikun Kaduna

Date: January 14

New Beginning in Dash

Kaduna, NG
11 Members

Ever had the word “cryptocurrency” or wondered why it’s making news headlines? well I am here to tell you why it does and why you should be interested.

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Beginning with DASH

Dash Address: XrCS2SF4wb7DFCY6mBhfBPVnQH8Gky9bum



Coachdigi Receives .25 Dash for putting two meet ups for his students

Location: CBTIS #111, Cancun, Mexico

Date: January 24, 2018

Dashtecas Highschool Meetup #5 in Cancún by Coach Digi

Dash Address: Xq5Pk9AeeLjmZsMGtbnMesSbA1wYqJTP3p

Zugwai Receives 0.15 Dash for this meet up

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Date: January 2


Dash Address: XfUS6Topf1LZhC5J4jbfYSm7MwBTsCfKke



Large Meetup Winners: Up to 2 Dash

UltimateCrypto Receives 2 Dash for this meet up


Date: January 2

3 days Massive Adoption Crusade in Ghana


Dash Address: Xh6Wqk8wUSwAQjx1Dsj6kUKP9a5GK3YucQ



Dash Force Meetup & Presentation Program: