April was another slow month for Dash meetup’s with 14 wallets set up and 20 attendees across 2 meet ups.

We had Meetups Africa this month and all were added to Twitter, and Evernote. Without further ado, here are this month’s winners…

WildCard Winners: Up To 2 Dash

Fransoa Receives: .95 Dash

Location: Amanfrom

Date: April 29

Receiving address: XqexdvG4EgMwpgyjxFatwZfCCsEjRUrFQF


amosi Receives: .85 Dash

Location: Kumasi

Date: April 29

Receiving address: XgNgGnDZKKSoHGfK9iV3jkvF9syAkTKaLn


Are you interested in the Dash Force Meetup & Presentation Program but not sure where to start? Find the link below to learn more about the Program and Feel free to contact Albert on the forums @aarellanes or on Dash Talk Discord @AlbertArellanesiii

Dash Force Meetup & Presentation Program: