Main Meetup Winner:

Wikiwako from Monterrey, Mexico wins 2.2 Dash!

Blockchain Meetup Saturday July 1, 2017

“There were 41 present at the meet up including me and a few helping hands (helpers were students also interested in Dash + the wife). I was surprised at the enthusiasm of the people regarding cryptocurrencies. Specially Dash. No marketing was necessary. It was all word of mouth between friends. Prepared a Google Forms form for registration a week before and 3 days later we had a full room. I’m now getting requests for more talks.”

“The venue was a 4 star hotel conference room. The contract for the hotel was $5,500 Mexican pesos (about $300 USD) including coffee, soft drinks and cookies for 40. The original plan was for the people to use the Dash to pay for the refreshments, but handling the payments in Dash from so many people was impossible and we quickly forgot about it. The people kept the Dash and were very grateful.”

“Also bought 50 mugs for 100 pesos each (about $5.50 USD each – urgent delivery) and gave one to each attendee, which worked well for the photos. Still have a dozen to give out.”

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Wildcard Meetup Winner:

IronVape from Clearwater, FL wins .8 Dash!

Blockchain Meetup 6-21-2017 – Founded Aug 18, 2013

19 RSVPs – approx 22 attendees

Coastal Cantina & Grill

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Congratulations to IronVape and Wikiwako!

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