Dash Force has launched a third news site, Dash News en Español, a dedicated Dash news site in Spanish.

Dash Force News, the world’s premier Dash news resource, is mainly an English language platform. However, as Dash’s community has increasingly grown to encompass the entire world, demand increased for other languages to be supported, according to Dash Force’s webmaster and international outreach director Mark Mason:

“December was a record breaking month for Dash Force News in site traffic with 264,073 page views. Since the Dash Force News website launched on April 17th we have published a total of 1088 Dash articles including translations in French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. The community response and interest to the website continues to be fantastic. We sincerely appreciate all your support. 2017 was a phenomenal year for Dash and Dash Force News. I’m extremely proud and grateful to the Dash community, Dash Core and my fellow Dash Force colleagues. Moving forward for 2018 we intend to continue expanding and scale the Dash Force operation in to a fully fledged global news organization. We now feel it’s the right time to migrate each language one by one to dedicated websites to encourage organic grassroots growth building strong Dash International community foundations.”

The majority of Dash Force’s news content is written in English, with several key articles per week translated into different languages, which can be toggled with the site’s language selector.

Dash Force expanding to a full selection of dedicated language news sites

Moving beyond the single-site model, Dash Force News is moving towards providing a dedicated news site for each language, including original content. The inaugural new language site was Dash News Korea, a Korean language site managed by translator and writer Jo Yujin. Dash News Español is headed by longtime Dash Force News Spanish translator Wilmar Toro, who will also write original Spanish language content, as well as provide weekly news recap videos. Mason believes Toro will represent Dash well:

“South Korea was the first language to get it’s own dedicated website. Each website in addition to the translation of essential articles will have exclusive pieces in native language and news recap videos to match. Wilmar has been an outstanding Spanish ambassador for Dash Force to date and I’m sure he’ll continue to represent Dash to the fullest in the future.”

To kick off the new site, Toro released the first Spanish news recap video this week.

Dash’s global expansion

Dash continues on its adoption streak across the world. At present, DiscoverDash lists 638 Dash-accepting businesses worldwide. Of particular note is the expansion to traditionally underserved areas. For example, Venezuela currently lists 32 businesses accepting Dash in the country. According to Toro, the Latin American community is increasingly seeking alternatives to Bitcoin:

“I have seen a great potential in the Spanish speaking community. Although Bitcoin is the most known currency, countries like Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia etc, have started to sight other alternatives. Dash is the solution to the well known problems of Bitcoin and traditional economic system. Just search what Dash Caracas is doing, or the new exchanges launched. Also, this community is a great user of remittances, just one of many uses where Dash, like Digital Cash is the most viable cryptocurrency.”