Yesterday I had the pleasure to sit down with Michael and record our first monthly International report update on Dash Force China.

In the video interview we break down the project in to the following questions to help both those already familiar with the project but also new comers as well.

1. For those new to the channel can you give a quick recap of what Dash Force China is?
2. What was the original plan of action?
3. What did you learn from the first month test run? Did you encounter any problems?
4. Has the plan of action changed and can you tell us why?
5. Where can people see the Dash Force China content?
6. Bobby Lee BTCC Shanghai Interview for BoxMining Channel (Not Dash Force China).
7. 10th September Beijing China, BitKan Blockchain International Summit.

Dash Force China YouTube Channel:

Dash Evolution – Masternodes Video:

Blockchain Global Summit in Beijing: