The winners of the Dash Force MVP Contest are…


The Women of Dash



Joe Moraca



The Women of Dash have a great channel going in the Dash Nation slack which has grown to over 70 members in a short period of time. The activity has slowed down a bit from its peak but hopefully this award and extra tipping fund will help spark a new wave of excitement.

Qwizzie and Afbitcoins continue to maintain a daily presence in the Dash ANN thread on BTCtalk. I have personally been very busy with Dash Force stuff these last few months and others have given up on that troll infested thread but Afbitcoins and Qwizzie are always there holding down the fort. Even with all the trolling I still miss being as active in that thread as I used to be and look forward to be able to get back in there soon and rejoin the fight.

Joe Moraca (@springshiker) has been very active helping out in the Dash Force News comment section, DN slack and working on reviews of past proposals. We are look forward to publishing some of his proposal reviews in the near future, stay tuned!

@c4chaos has been very active on twitter and other platforms promoting Dash and his efforts have not gone unnoticed. Keep up the good work man!

There were many many others that could have won the MVP award this cycle but we could only pick five. Eventually we will get to all of you!