Tradecore, a brokerage software company, has partnered with Dash and BlockCypher, the blockchain solutions provider, to offer financial service providers and capital market businesses the ability to send, receive, and hold Dash.

The partnership was announced via a press release where Stefan Pajkovic, CEO of Tradecore, highlighted why they decided to integrate with Dash.

“We chose Dash as one of the first digital assets to support [on] our platform because it has among the lowest fees and fastest transactions of any blockchain network.”

Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core, added that the integration is “an exciting integration for Dash” since “Tradecore extends the reach to online brokerages on a much broader scale”.

“With Tradecore embedding Dash integration into products that brokerages use or white label for their end users, we look to continue the expansion of our global network, particularly in Europe and other regions where brokerages are instrumental in increasing Dash adoption.”

Tradecore provides “elegant client onboarding, ID verification, proactive customer support, advanced analytics tools and marketing automation”, which is everything a brokerage needs to “be set up within one week”. Tradecore also assists clients by “reducing costs, optimizing workflow, and helping build upon a company’s strategic plans” to add value to the brokerage’s client offerings.

The partnership was made possible via Dash’s partnership with BlockCypher, which offers “web services [that] are blockchain agnostic and greatly reduce the complexity of building applications that run on multiple blockchains”. Karen Hsu, Chief Revenue Officer at BlockCypher, highlighted that “Tradecore leads the market by using blockchain technology to reduce brokerage costs and enable brokers with the ability to trade the growing class of digital assets.” These features add to Tradecore’s unique value offering to consumers, which increases the likelihood of adoption by consumers and exposure of Dash and cryptocurrencies to new investors.

Investors expand robustness and market reach of Dash

Investors are attracted to investments that maximize returns and minimize risks since that advances their investment goals. For cryptocurrencies, this means coins that have a high likelihood of sustainable increases in their exchange price over the next few years. As researchers have previously covered, sustainable and fair value prices for cryptocurrencies rely on their actual current use and their predicted future use since currency derives its value from its transaction-based use relative to its supply and demand. As more investors enter the space, price discovery of this underlying value becomes increasingly robust since there are more researching the underlying asset to discover its true value.

Dash excels at everyday transaction-based usability since it has focused on maintaining low transaction fees and fast confirmation times, as the press release mentioned as a reason for Tradecore’s decision to integrate with Dash. Dash’s focus on usability enables greater consumer and merchant adoption, which signals to investors more robust growth than its competitors. Thus, investors assign Dash a more robust exchange price. This then creates a virtuous repeating circle of increasing adoption among everyday users and investors to increase the overall market reach of Dash.

Investors are attracted to Dash’s unique structure that enables usability and growth

Dash has demonstrated an ability to increase adoption by providing solutions to real world use cases, which has allowed Dash to expand around the world, including over 500 merchants in Venezuela. Dash has been able to grow so rapidly because its unique structure solves decentralized funding and consensus problems to enable cheap transaction costs and the ability to scale, on-chain. This signals to investors that Dash has not only solved adoption and growth issues that other cryptocurrencies face, but will also be able to solve future issues, as they arise, to continue future adoption and growth. This is necessary to satisfy investors with future exchange price growth.

Dash’s structure also enables partnerships like that with BlockCypher, which makes other business integrations easier. The partnership facilitated this integration with Tradecore, as well as other partnerships with BitInka, Alt36, Kraken, and more. Dash’s structure also facilitates projects like Neptune Dash to offer fractional masternode ownership to make Dash investment more accessible to more investors, such as Fidelity, which has a 15% stake in Neptune Dash. Palm Beach Research Group also recently reiterated their bullishness on Dash because of its focus on consumer usability, which Dash’s structure enables. Investors seek out assets that have a high likelihood of returning their investments with a profit, which means their interests in Dash signals that many parties see Dash’s high potential to grow its userbase, and thus its exchange price, much more significantly and on a more sustainable path than its peers.