VegaWallet and CoinFlip, which have both previously integrated Dash, will now be partnering together to advance real world usability by VegaWallet becoming the official wallet of CoinFlip and integrating many their cryptocurrency ATM network options.

[tweet align=’right’] VegaWallet’s newly overhauled wallet will feature a better layout, better user interface, and tutorials on how to use cryptocurrency. Another new feature will be the option to purchase cryptocurrencies by looking up the closest CoinFlip ATM and even having the option to receive discount codes and special offers. Then, once the consumer purchases one of seven different cryptocurrencies offered, users can simply scan their wallet QR code and have their newly bought cryptocurrency directly sent to their VegaWallet ATM. VegaWallet’s CEO, Tarek Hajri, spoke about how excited they are for the new opportunities the partnership presents.

“We are excited to start the integration of CoinFlip into our upcoming cryptocurrency wallet update. We feel the partnership will open new avenues for those curious about cryptocurrency to start making everyday purchases and payments with Dash and other supported assets.”

VegaWallet also intends to release their complete retail POS system later this year, which will enable consumers to “to purchase cryptocurrency at customer checkout”. When CoinFlip first integrated Dash last year, Dash was featured in over 80 of their ATMs.

Enhancing real world usability

Both of the platforms currently recognize Dash’s automatic InstantSend, “which enables Dash to be moved between VegaWallet and CoinFlip platforms in about a second for less than a cent”. This becomes increasingly important as Dash is used for purchases at merchants that prioritize quickness, but do not necessarily have repeat business relationships and thus require instant payment security, such as street vendors, restaurants, and more. As the press release mentions, ‘[a]s more users and merchants continue to sign-on for these company’s services, Dash can expect a direct increase in user growth, which Dash Core Group CEO, Ryan Taylor, reemphasized.

“It’s extremely exciting for us to see two of our trusted partners — both of which have integrated InstantSend — work together to expand mass adoption and real world applications for blockchain-based payment protocols. This partnership will drastically improve user experience, aligning with Dash’s mission to become more accessible and user-friendly for the everyday person. In addition, this will open up new use cases for Dash throughout the United States and will showcase how Dash can be used seamlessly as an everyday method of payment.”

Now, consumers will easily be able to seamlessly purchase and store cryptocurrency with the CoinFlip and VegaWallet partnership. Then consumers can quickly visit or use the mobile app to see where they can spend their Dash at over 4,800 merchants worldwide, including around 2,500 in Venezuela.

Continuously working to advance InstantSend integrations

VegaWallet made a major move by being the first wallet to use BitGo’s multi-signature Dash implementation with InstantSend transactions and also announced plans to integrate many of Dash Evolution’s soon-to-be released features. Dash’s InstantSend is now automatic after version 0.13 release and makes transactions incredibly fast and cheap for wallet-to-wallet transactions by leveraging the Dash masternode network to lock-in first-seen blocks. However, these transactions can take longer amounts of time if a coin processor is still pre-programmed to wait for x amount of confirmations on the blockchain not realizing that the Dash transaction is already secured. Thus, this highlights the need for the Dash community to keep working on getting coin processors and merchants to recognize the speed and security of Dash Automatic InstantSend, which it has already done with exchanges like Panda Exchange, SouthXchange, 3xbit, and Jinance. This helps ensure that consumers can receive the biggest benefit and have a pleasant shopping experience.