The Dash Embassy D-A-CH has convinced CONDA to accept Dash as their currency of choice for their new platform that aims to help startups, small and medium sized businesses launch ICOs.

CONDA is currently in their own ICO phase, which they allow to be purchased with DASH as Klaus Hipfinger, one of the founders of Dash Embassy D-A-CH, has already done. Once their ICO is completed, they intend to help other European businesses to “issue 100% legally-compliant security or equity tokens”. CONDA will allow consumers to become a “shareholder of [the] startup you invest in, so the tokens represent the shares in the company you own” and “Dash is the currency you use [to] buy these shares.” as Klaus explains.

CONDA is currently working with one of the biggest Austrian law firms, Schönherr, to ensure their compliance standards are superb. They are approved for European operations and are in detailed talks with regulators around the world, focusing on the US and Asia.

CONDA plans to conduct their first project in autumn. CONDA AG will also sponsor an accelerator program for companies interested in issuing security tokens in Austria and Germany, with one applicant from each country winning the use of CONDA’s full service platform.

Dash and CONDA: A Beautiful Partnership

Klaus told Dash Force News, playfully, that Dash Embassy D-A-CH “reached out to them [and] told them [that] we are the best cryptocurrency :-)”. After CONDA “reviewed our statements, [they] saw that’s true”. Klaus went further into the natural chemistry that makes CONDA and Dash a good fit.

“Dash and Conda [are] both interested in making the world a better decentralized one. So it was a very easy and natural way to become a partner.”

Additionally, per the CONDA press release, Daniel Horak, one of the founders of CONDA who serves as a managing partner, also had some great things to say about the partnership.

“DASH is the only cryptocurrency that can claim to function as digital cash. It is therefore perfect for our goal to connect the old financial world with the new one”

CONDA allows individuals to invest directly in startups no matter their background and their investments are “secured by the blockchain and law” said Mr. Hipfinger. Thus, investors, as well as the startups, have to be able to trust that the currency they are using will be reliably fast, cheap, and secure, which makes Dash a perfect fit.

CONDA is also facilitating “real world projects helping to make the world a better place for our kids”, Klaus mentioned along with lamenting how “[b]anks would never invest in such risky efforts because they fear to lose too much.” Some cool projects that are already starting with CONDA is a hotel in the Alps, a decentralized energy project, and a bioengineering eco-energy producer.

Continuing Dash Usage through the startup phase

Dash Force News asked Klaus how integrating Dash with CONDA will continue to facilitate future growth past purchasing ICOs. Klaus said they intend to get these startups to continue using Dash and also integrate Dash into their platforms. In response to a question on what areas are major startup hot spots, Klaus said that Berlin is pretty strong and absolutely chaotic. You can go all day and night long to crypto and startup events.” and that Vienna is “starting to become [a] startup hub”. Klaus emphasized the advantages that cryptocurrencies, and in particular Dash, brings to these startups.

“If they are good money managers, crypto can help them stay funded longer without additional rounds of funding and also make more profits by bigger margins when costumers pay in crypto instead of credit cards later on when they start selling their products to the masses.”

Klaus briefly discussed that The Dash Embassy D-A-CH is planning to partner with AustrianStartUps, a nonprofit association, to present to startups on how “they can profit from using Dash as [a] payment system instead of credit cards”. This can have significant savings for startups that have very small, and even negative margins, since credit cards can charge fees ranging from 1.5% to 4%, Klaus outlined.

Overall, Dash is making significant strides in Europe due to the unique advantages it brings such as consistently low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, security, InstantSend, PrivateSend, and other features. Klaus voiced how “almost everyone [he] talked to sees Dash as a project of the future because we develop our project and company. Others don’t do that [and] crypto is so fast and competitive.” Dash has been able to maintain and enhance its comparative advantages by leveraging its governance and treasury system to professionally fund developers and outreach specialists to ensure that the full potential of Dash is achieved.