Dash Embassy D-A-CH recently announced, via a Press Release to Dash Force News, their integration with Transformationsmanagers and AustrianStartups.

Transformationsmanagers is an Austrian network that consists of “business consultants, coaches and trainers” who bring companies and employees together to “create a productive work environment through cooperation and self responsibility”, according to the press release. The club has a vision for a decentralized “network-oriented and cooperative economy” and thus, naturally saw Dash as a great fit and will now have members pay their membership fees and conduct services between themselves in Dash. Peter Schäfer, the founder of the network, spoke highly of how Dash aligns with their goals.

“We have looked for an alternative currency that shares our values of decentralized cooperation. This led us to Dash. Dash is an already operating network that is economically important, acts goal oriented and relies on the community for decision making. It is how we think of the economy of the future.”

AustrianStartups is a “neutral, independent and non-profit platform for innovative entrepreneurship in Austria” and is an “open space for startups, change-makers and interested individuals”, said the press release. Dash Embassy D-A-CH will now be a sponsoring member of AustrianStartups to increase its network in Austria, to participate in joint events, and to teach young entrepreneurs about the “pros and cons of cryptocurrencies and how to integrate them into their businesses”. Future talks will include the likes of “The use of digital cash for the POS” and “Beyond ICOs: cryptocurrencies as a payment method”. Markus Raunig, the CEO of AustrianStartups, mentioned how excited he is to have this new partnership.

“We are very excited about the Dash Embassy D-A-CH becoming a sponsoring member of AustrianStartups. Startups and cryptocurrencies are both interested in influencing the future in a creative way. We are sure that the partnership will facilitate a constructive and inspiring dialogue between our startups and Dash.”

Dash Embassy D-A-CH solves consumer problems

Startups and network groups exist because their founders believe that there is insufficient products/services in the marketplace to satisfy all consumer desires and want to change that status quo. Startups transform their disadvantage of not being an established business with a history of success into an advantage of being agile and innovative since they are not bogged down with corporate bureaucracy. Dash Embassy D-A-CH can be viewed as an entrepreneurial venture in its own right by providing a service of on-the-ground information and events about Dash’s revolutionary and entrepreneurial technology in German-speaking Europe.

Dash Embassy D-A-CH was only founded earlier this year, but has already been able to make an impact in the area by answering questions about Dash to curious parties and forming partnerships. In addition to these most recent partnerships, which will increase the number of Dash users and the overall knowledge of Dash by business leaders, Dash Embassy D-A-CH has also been able to integrate with the crowdfunding platform, CONDA, and Dash prepaid cards, Bitcoinbon. All of these partnerships have allowed Dash Embassy D-A-CH to demonstrate the innovative solutions of Dash to consumers in German-speaking Europe and have since expanded very quickly into the new market area.

Dash encourages decentralized entrepreneurship

The Dash Treasury can almost be viewed as a venture capitalist organization that only has the power to fund or not fund a project and has that decision distributed among masternodes whom are incentivized to act in the best interests of all Dash users. Through the Dash Treasury system, anyone is able to submit their proposal, but the projects most likely to receive funding are those that improve the Dash network is some way for Dash users. This improvement could be direct code development or it can be advocating and promoting Dash in countries around the world and pitching to consumers how Dash can improve their lives.

These Dash entrepreneurs are competing for a limited amount of Dash, 10% of the block reward, and thus are incentivized to use the funds as efficiently as possible to improve the Dash network. However, each proposal group is independently operated and not told how to run their business, which allows them to have even more agility to innovate. This decentralization also allows for cooperative competition to emerge within the Dash ecosystem, which produces better and cheaper services for Dash users. The combination of these attributes allows for well organized projects to emerge that have an opportunity to succeed in advancing Dash for all users without having a centralized individual or group in charge.