Dash has been mentioned several times in mainstream media recently, indicating that cryptocurrency may be primed for mass adoption.

Of the few recent media mentions, the most stark was a recent segment on Fox Business where Jordan Belfort of Wolf of Wall Street fame decries Bitcoin as a bubble, while actor Stephen Baldwin, proudly wearing a Dash shirt, pitches the opposite:

Baldwin recently did a show with cryptocurrency and finance pundit Max Keiser dubbed the Great American Pilgrimage. The show, sponsored by Dash, chronicles a road trip across America to talk to normal people in an attempt to bridge the divide between the country’s social and political groups. The show features appearances by several prominent members of the Dash community, and includes Dash branding on the tour RV, as well as in frequently-worn shirts.

The mainstream media mentions keep piling up

The list of mentions of cryptocurrency, and Dash in particular, in the popular media keeps expanding. A CNBC segment highlighting Ville Oehman, cryptocurrency fund manager at Helvetic Investments, details the contents of the firm’s recommended fund, which prominently features Dash. A Business Insider article from the end of last month features Dash as the only cryptocurrency with positive market action while the rest of the field suffered losses. A Washington Post article on the Venezuelan government toying with launching its own cryptocurrency features quotes by Dash Core’s CEO Ryan Taylor.

Finally, a recent print edition of the Wall Street Journal mentions a few of the top cryptocurrencies, including Dash.

Cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly mainstream investment

Sustained gains, and attention from increasingly larger media outlets, has led to serious investors from outside the cryptospace paying increasingly close attention to digital assets. Last month, the Palm Beach Research Group recommended Dash in an in-depth report detailing its underpinnings as well as its strategy to become “PayPal 2.0” and take over the payments space. This caused the price to rise significantly as investors new to the coin poured in.

Over the past year, cryptocurrency as a whole has grown from just $15 billion a year ago to a high of $621 billion recently. The influx of new users caused cryptocurrency exchange and newbie-friendly platform Coinbase to rise to the top spot in Apple’s app store.